Wok Range Gas 3 Burners 1 to 8 burners

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Wok Range Gas 3 Burners $3595.00

RCR-1- One Burner- $1695

RCR-2- Two Burners- $2595

RCR-3- Three Burners- $3595

RCR-4- Four Burners- $4595

RCR-5- Five Burners- $5495

RCR-6- Six Burners- $6395

RCR-7- Seven Burners- $7395

RCR-8- Eight Burners- $8395

All S/S exept top 


Must Specify Option on Construction: Hole Size:

13", 14", 15", 16", 18", 20", 24", DIA

Location Of Gas Inlet: Right, Left Or Rear.

Location Of Drain OUTLET: Right, Left Rear

(usually opposite side from gas inlet)

*Front Drain option at Upcharge of $350

Burner:3 ring, 23 tip jet burners, 18 tip non clogging burner.

*32 tip jet burner option at upcharge of $250

Fill faucet mounted on backsplash (service row woks) Automatic faucet behind each hole available at no upcharge. Must specify.

Extra manual fill faucet, upcharge of $250

*S/S burner covers add $125

*Front drain basket for 1 or 2 hole ranges add $350.00 comes standard on 3 holes or more.

*S/S side splash extensions add $225 each side.

*Hong Kong Style add 20% to base price of range.

*oil holes 8- 10" Diam, add $350 each.

*Chrome legs, set of 4 add $225

*Chrome legs for models over 114"

set of 6, add $275


Set Of 4, add $250

Set Of 6, add $350

Set Of 8, add $495

*Extra 6 pan S/S sauce pan, add $125

*Extra 9 pan S/S sauce pan, add $165

*Extra 12 pan S/S sauce pan, add $195 

*Water wash system for S/S backsplash,

add $200 per hole.

*Wok hole adapter to reduce hole diameter, add $325, and specify finished diameter required.


Importent Information:

Three ring burner, 110,000 BTU/hr. Removable steam tanks and soup pot holders

Jet Burner, 100,000 BTU/hr. Slanted wok holder for 13" diameter hole

Non-clogging Jet Burner, 125,000 BTU/hr. accommodates single handle wok pan.

32 Tip, Jet Burner, 160,000 BTU/hr.

All burners equipped with standing pilots

for instant safe ignition.


Stainless steel front, sides, high backsplash

and pipe rack.

Welded stainless steel seams.

Large, 5", stainless steel landing ledge.

12-3/4" heavy duty legs with adjustable feet.

Water cooled top and built in drain system

help control top temperature.

Equipped with manually controlled Chinese

style swing faucet, located to avoid the

intense burner heat.

Easy access stainless steel drain basket

located in front.

Knee level "L" handle valve for easy hands free gas adjustment.

Royal Range Chinese Gas Ranges are designed for heavy duty use with welded and

finished stainless steel seams. 12-3/4" legs with adjustable feet for secure support

and to provide the optimum height for ease of use. Manually controlled Chinese

swing faucet located between burners for easy access to fill pans while providing

protection from the intense heat.


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