Walking Cooler Walking Freezer Custom sizes made to order

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Walking Cooler Walking Freezer Custom sizes, custom build for any application, In-Door – Out Doors made to order- Economically priced and custom built

We Build Then, Crate, Ship & Install With permits

We have a 50 year R value warranty on our panels


·         Our refrigeration system is Heat craft and has pre-wired and pre-assembled parts. The condensing unit has sight glass and filter drier pre installed, on the evaporator it has the solenoid valve, expansion valve and room thermostat pre-installed. Also the refrigeration system has an extended compressor warranty total of (5) and 1 year parts.


·         Our doors come with two spring loaded hinges which allows a smooth swing action to the door and is combined with a spring action door closer. Also the handle of the door is a heavy duty cylinder lock and pad lock handle.


·         Our warranty on our panels is as follows, walls and ceilings have a 15 year warranty and our floors and doors are 5 year warranty.






 any size any combination in door or out we do it all.


Economical and trouble free, the Tamirson Cool-Pak Morgue cooler provides automatically controlled cooling, easy accessibility, and complete versatility at a substantially lower cost than walk-in coolers. No special power requirements…just plug into a standard 115-volt outlet.  It’s the most practical morgue cooler available…It’s what you would expect from Tamirson.

·         Bar – Brew Caves

·         Convenience – Display Coolers & Caves·         Floral – Floral Refrigerators·         Grocery – Storage Coolers & Freezers·         Hunting – Game & Meat Lockers·         Mortuary – Body Boxes·         Restaurant – Foodservice Walk-ins·         Warehouse – Cold Storage Warehouses


Name Capacity Width Length Height Weight Cond Unit Price
Cool Pak 2 2 36 1/2" 92" 64" 425 lbs 1/4 hp $4,637.00
Cool Pak 3 3 36 1/2" 92" 80 " 800 lbs 1/4 hp $5,110.00
Cool Pak 4 4 36 1/2" 92" 96 " 850 lbs 1/3 hp $5,750.00
Cool Pak 5 5 36 1/2" 92" 115" 900 lbs 1/3 hp $6,410.00
Stainless Steel shelve covers Price per shelve $289.00
Wheel Kit   $279.00

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