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Steam ‘N’ Hold™ Convection Steamer, countertop, electric, 1 compartment, holds (6) 12"x20"x2-1/2" dp pans, vacuum cooking, manual mechanical timer controls, NO water or drain connections required, 6kw, 208/60/1ph, 5’cord & NEMA L6-30P plug, ENERGY STAR® Door hinged on right std.

1 year parts & labor warranty standard

Sale Price $5500 plus delivery (about $200)

In 2009, AccuTemp introduced the Evolution boilerless connected Steamer. Looking for SPEED? Look no further. The Evolution™ features our exclusive, patent-pending Steam Vector Technology (SVT), which utilizes no moving parts whatsoever. It delivers steam to each individual pan evenly, which results in more even pan-to-pan temperatures, improved product quality, and faster cook times. Since there are no moving parts, reliability is much improved. Simple-to-operate digital controls means fewer parts overall, less maintenance and less downtime. This steamer is designed specifically for high volume kitchens that are tough on equipment. Whatever your cooks can dish out, the Evolution™ can take it!

  • Lowest water consumption of any connected steamer

  • No water filtration or treatment required
  • Doubles as a holding cabinet with variable temperature control
  • Reliable, easy to operate digital controls
  • Cook times faster than ANY electric connected boilerless steamer!
  • Lowers your operating costs


    S6 Six-Pan


    Vacuum-Capable Connectionless Steamer

    S3 Three-Pan


    Vacuum-Capable Connectionless Steamer


    E6 Six-Pan Evolution™ Series Boilerless Connected Steamer

    Pan Capacity: 6 ea.

    12 x 20 x 2-1/2”

    Pan Capacity: 3 ea.

    12 x 20 x 2-1/2”

    Pan Capacity: 6 ea.

    12 x 20 x 2-1/2”

    Power Inputs: 6-, 8-, 10-, 12- & 17-kW

    Power Inputs: 6-, 8-, & 12-kW

    Power Inputs: 6-, 10-, 11-, 12-, 14-, 16- & 17-kw

    Voltage: 208-, 240-, 440- & 480-volt [Not all kW input]

    Voltage: 208-, 240- & 480-volt

    Voltage: 208-, 240-, 440- & 480-volts

Standard Features [S-Steam’N’Hold Models]:

  • Pulls a vacuum in cooking compartment, reducing the boiling point of water, providing low temperature steam capability

  • Instant-open door allows immediate access to pans for a-la-carte use

  • Food holding capability with accurate temperature control between 100-200° F

  • Low watt density heating element external to compartment and not exposed to water

  • 14 gauge reinforced stainless steel, insulated steam cooking compartment

  • Double panel sealed compartment door

  • Heavy refrigeration style door handle with magnetic latch and instant-open vacuum release system

  • Large three gallon capacity water reservoir

  • Front mounted manual water reservoir drain valve

  • Left side mounted control panel with smudge resistant overlay

  • Stainless steel wire-form pan supports, which hold 1, 2½, 4 or 6” deep pans

Standard Features [E-Evolution Models]:

  • Fast cook times with Steam Vector Technology

  • Steam Vector utilizes no moving parts

  • Simple Water and Drain Connection

  • No Water Filtration or Treatment required

  • Super Duty Heater Configuration

  • Operating instructions on door in English and Spanish

  • NSF listed, variable temperature hold mode

  • Door can be opened at any time during cooking cycle

  • Steamer cavity made of durable reinforced 14 ga. 304 stainless steel

  • 5’ power cord with plug included

  • Front mounted drain valve

Standard Controls [S-Steam’N’Hold™ Models]:
  • Power ON and OFF buttons

  • POWER-on, HEAT-on, plus COOK and HOLD mode indicator lights

  • Low-water protection system with dual sensors, warning light and auto-shutdown

  • VACUUM and cook TEMPERATURE gauges

  • 90 minute timer [20 minute and 180 minute timers options]
  • CONTINUOUS cook and HOLD settings on timer dial

  • FAST COOK [212° F] or THERMOSTAT cook mode switch
  • 100-200° F thermostat for control of low-temp/vacuum cooking

Standard Controls [E-Evolution™ Models]:

  • Easy to use Digital Controls

  • Cook and Hold Modes

  • Digital Temperature display

  • Low water, High water and Overtemp indicator lights

  • Field Reversable, Slammable Door

Multi-Unit Stacking [With Stand]:


Model/Combination Total Pan Capacity


6 ea.


9 ea.


12 ea.

E6 6 ea.


12 ea.

Available Options & Accessories [S-Steam’N’Hold Models]:
  • NEW Water Auto-Fill connection [For operation with water line]

  • NEW  4” Drain pan with ½” flexible drain line

  • Stainless steel support stand

  • Stand mounted left [control] side heat shield

  • Factory hinged-left/open-left door

  • Factory pre-set temperature- control behind front panel [Chain Package – Type 1 Control]

  • 4” deep bottom drain pan

  • Prison Package – One-piece pan slides & tamperproof fasteners

Available Options & Accessories [E-Evolution Models]:
  • Perforated cooking shelf

  • Stainless steel support stand with casters, bullet or flanged feet

  • Bullet feet

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