Slicer 12" Heavy Duty Deluxe Gear Driven Anvil SLR7512D

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ANVIL – Slicer Start Heavy Duty Deluxe Gear Driven 12 – [ SLR7512D ]
Voltage (V) 110
Power (HP) 0.50
Cut Thickness (inches) 7/8
Blade Diameter (inches) 12
Dimensions (inches) 20 x 26 x 18
Box Dimns (inches) 29 x 31 x 26
Packed Weight (lbs) 78
Slicer Start 12" Gear Driven – Deluxe

Anvils Start Heavy Duty Gear Driven 12" Deluxe Slicer offers total quality, safety and hygiene. It is ideal for continous work in high volume operations

  • Is ideal for large shops, restaurants, supermarketsand central sandwich kitchens
  • Suitable for continous work
  • Can be used for vegetables and processed meat
  • Safe blade removal system
  • Built of top quality aluminium
  • Safety and hygiene meet the needs of demanding customers worldwide
  • Comes standard with built in sharpeners and fire proof bottom plates
  • Stainloess steel blade bearing is waterproof to prevent water damage when cleaning
  • Unique design enables blade removal, making cleaning easy and convenient, while the operator is protected from the blades sharp edges
  • Years ahead of competitors

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Weight 78 lbs


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