Shawarma Machine Gyro Tacos Al Pastor Machine Doner Machine Vertical Broiler SGN6 $1750




Shawarma Machine- Gyro Machine-Tacos Al Pastor Machine- Doner Machine- Commerical Vertical Broiler 4 Burners By Spinning Grillers New York. Model SGN6- 4 Burners- Energy Saver Commercial Quality- New For 2017


200.00 LBS

Shipping:$285.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)


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Features & Benefits

  • Commercial Shawarma Machine is built tough for commercial use.
  • Grill operates on Natural Gas. It comes with the adapter. Professional installation is recommended.
  • Patented new motor design for 2017. Motor is enclosed on the bottom side thus eliminating grease drippings penetrating the motor and reducing motor burn outs. The motor is driven by a metal chain. New improved design for long lasting operation.
  • Foot pedal to stop and start the motor rotation.
  • Commercial grade Stainless Steel 304 construction with four burners engineered to provide a crispy outside while keeping the meat juicy on the inside.
  • Four independent burner controls
  • Burners are maneuverable which means you can slide them closer to the meat or push them away from the meat for the ultimate control.
  • Large drop surface-Energy saver side reflectors to keep your energy bills down.
  • Easy to clean, hygienic, build tough.
  • Expanded grease catcher.
  • Measurements are 24 1/2″ Width by 29 3/4″ in Depth by 42 1/2″ in Height.
  • Cooks 1 LBS -85 LBS of meat.
  • UL/NSF Certified.


  • Model: SGN6
  • 4 Ceramic Burners Made in Lebanon.
  • 24 1/2″ Width by 29 3/4″ in Depth by 36″ in Height.
  • 54,594 BTU/Hour.
  • Spit Height 38″.
  • 110V UL Listed Motor- 16W 50HZ, 1.5RPM
  • Chain Motor New 2017
  • CSA Internal Parts.
  • UL/NSF Certified.
  • All internal parts are CSA approved.
  • One main spit
  • Fully Assembled!
  • Package Content:

    • Shawarma Machine.
    • Main Spit (1)
    • Natural Gas Adapter or Propane Adapter depending on Gas type ordered.
    • 2 Wings, 1 Extender.
    • Heath Department Specifications.
    • Grease Drawer.
    • Manual.
    • you can make Chicken Shawarma, Turkey Shawarma, Beef Shawarma, Lamb Shawarma, Gyros, Doner Kabob and Tacos al Pastor. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood as friends and family gather around your spinning grill, savoring the aroma and awaiting the incomparable flavor that only you can create. Let the others grill hamburgers and hotdogs; you and I will be using our Shawarma grills to bring a bit of the exotic to our backyard barbecues. Our Grill is made from high quality Stainless Steel with three burners. The burners were engineered to sear the meat perfectly ,crispy on the outside while keeping the meat juicy on the inside. This Grill comes complete with the main vertical rotisserie skewer as well as 3 side Kebab skewers and one large catch pan.


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