Shawarma Gyro Doner Kebab Machines Double md-3t md-4t md-5t

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MDT Series Meltem Jumbo Doner Kebab Machines

  • All machines are made of AISI 304 Cr-Ni Stainless Steel.
  • Operates with LPG/NG.
  • Superior quality radiants manufactured by us.
  • Motor is air-cooled and protected by heat shield.
  • Motor can be controlled 1 rpm to the right or left.
  • Thermo-elements and Protective wires are made of AISI 310 S quality stainless steel, and they are durable.
  • Easy to perform general maintenance-repair and cleaning.
  • Operates under1000 mm /SS Pressure.
Model   MD-3T MD-4T MD-5T
A Width mm 2×515 2×515 2×565
B Depth mm 550 550 600
C Height mm 960 1120 1280
D Max.Height of Meat mm 2×480 2×640 2×800
Max.Weight of Meat Kg 2×40 2×70 2×120
Gas Inlet Inch 1/2
Electric Inlet V 1N PE 230V AC 50-60Hz
Radian Type   MELTEM R-4
Heater Pcs 2×3 2×4 2×5
Net Weight Kg 2×31 2×34 2×42






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