PP 97 Ricer/Foodmill Non-detachable dynamic pp001 $1155

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PP 97 Ricer/Foodmill Non-detachable

Ref : PP001
Ricer can crush 100 Kg / 235 lbs of potatoes, carrots, etc. in 10 minutes.


  1. Continuous function or pulse
  2. Body : stainless
  3. Double insulation
  4. Stainless-steel tube
  5. Stainless-steel perforated grid and blade can be easily dismantled for easy cleaning


Watts : 350 Watt
400 R.P.M.

Voltage : 230V or 115V

Total length : 87 cm/34.25"

Diameter : 11 cm

Diameter : 17 cm/6.75"

Mixer tool length : 52 cm/20.5"

Weight : 5 Kg/10.0 lbs

Sale Price $1155  plus fright


To puree steamed vegetables and to mash your potatoes. A smmooth puree can easily be made from whole potatoes directly in the pot to avoid transferring contents. Also, as well as easily mashing potatoes, you may puree the following produce : carrots, tomatoes, chick peas, apples, peaches, pears, turnips, bananas, all berries for sorbets and various desserts, etc. Excellent tool for homogenization of dehydrated fruit and vegetables. During the procedure, it will stir your preparations without reducing content and will avoid any spillage.


  NEVER use a water jet spray in order to clean unit. NEVER immerse the power unit into any liquid. Run the machine for approximately 5 seconds in order to clean it. Grid and blade : rinse with water and mild soap and wipe dry.


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Weight 10 lbs


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