Pizza Pita Oven Conveyor Lincoln Impinger single deck Electric

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Lincoln Impinger® II Express Conveyor Pizza Oven, Pita Oven, electric, front loading, single deck, single conveyor belt, glass access window, NSF/UL/CSA, 208v/60/1, 48 amps, 10 KW


  • Faster bake times improve time of service
  • Advanced Air Impingement Technology enhances bake quality and uniformity
  • Front Removable conveyor for improved cleaning in tight spaces
  • Improved product flow during cooking reduces operation costs
  • Research and Applications support for continued operational success
  • Enodis Star service support is committed to ongoing customer satisfaction

Standard Features

  • Stackable up to three (3) oven cavities high
  • 18” (mm) wide, 56” (mm) long conveyor belt with product stop
  • 28” (mm) baking chamber
  • Temperature is adjustable from 250°F (121°C) to 575°F (302°C).
  • Conveyor speed is adjustable from one (1) minute to thirty (30) minutes cooking time. 
  • Front-loading access door with cool handle
  • Customer-specific setups give customer very specific results
  • Direct conveyor drive is powered by an AC motor
  • Stainless Steel top, front, and sides
  • Oven Start-up/Check-out by STAR agent included

$9100.00 plus shipping

Portable Stand, with casters (for single or double-stack ovens) Add $895 

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