Pasta Cooker gas Pasta Magic

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Pasta Cooker Pasta Magic – Gas

Pasta Magic Cooker, Gas, rinse tank, timer controller, auto-fill/skim, swing away hot/cold rinse faucet, stainless steel cookpot, door and cabinet, legs, bulk spaghetti basket, portion cup rack and 24 portion cups or 3 round baskets in lieu of portion cups & rack, 80,000 BTU/hr

One year parts and labor, 10 year s/s frypot warranty, std.

34h x 34 w x 36 d – 50 lb  

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 The Pasta Magic gas cookers have been redesigned both outside and inside, and offer state-of-the-art features and benefits for quick, consistent, and perfect pasta preparation.

The controller times the cook operation and signals audibly when cooking is complete. Electrical components are separated from the heating system and shielded from moisture in an enclosed case located low in the cabinet for added reliability.

The Pasta Magic gas cookers feature high-efficiency infrared burners and electronic ignition. The sealed combustion system has industry-leading efficiency and ensures a prompt ignition, transition to full burn, and sustained combustion.

The proven heat transfer system generates 80,000 Btu/hr. (20,151 kcal/hr.). The burners quickly get the water up to the desired temperature and hold it there. Water heat-ups go from 60° F (15.5° C) to boiling in 24 minutes, 50% faster than previous models so you can meet high production demands with ease while also saving energy. The Pasta Magic gas cookers can transform 30 lbs. of dry pasta into 136 perfectly prepared 8 oz. servings/hr.

To prevent boil-overs, the cookpot has the industry’s largest overflow drain. All plumbing on the unit is RoHs compliant.

An auto-fill/starch skimmer keeps the water level at the correct height and removes excess starch residue from the water’s surface.  There is no need for refills, so the water is ready to cook, saving energy and time.

Frymaster’s automatic timer and basket lift features ensure precise cook times without constant monitoring.

The new and improved features of Frymaster’s Pasta Magic gas cookers make them the most advanced and reliable pasta cookers on the market today.



Open, easy-to-clean cookpot


High efficiency, infrared burners with electronic ignition, 80,000 Btu/hr.


14-gallon water capacity

Cooking Area

18" x 24" x 8" (45.7 x 61 x 20.3 cm)


Programmable timer controller


Stainless steel cookpot, door and cabinet. Solid aluminized steel bottom.
Electronic components are separated from the heating source and protected from moisture.


Large overflow

Drain Valve

1-14/" (3.2 cm) drain valve

Water Fill

Automatic hot or cold




Bulk pasta basket and option of portion cup rack with 24 portion cups or 3 round pasta baskets.


Swing-away hot/cold rinse faucet


6" (15.2cm) steel legs with 1" adjustment 



Portion cup rack

Portion Cups





Quick disconnect for hot and cold water lines


Rinse tank screen (GPCRB and GPCR models only) 

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