Food Slicer Gear Drive Electric PALLADIO 330 ING SIRMAN USA $1828.75





Food Slicer Gear Drive Electric PALLADIO 330 ING SIRMAN USA $1828.75

(153341G08WNA) Food Slicer, electric, heavy-duty, gravity feed, gear driven, 13″ dia. blade, up to 1″ slice thickness, removable built-in sharpener, anodized aluminum construction, 1/2 HP, 410 watts, UL, ETL-Sanitation.

Heavy-duty ½ Hp slicers, designed for medium to large operations, perfect for cheese slicing

  • Exclusive high-quality, rounded, no edges design, increased blade and machine body gap, easy breakdown for a

fast and effective cleaning

  • Inner blade cover ensures a perfectly aligned cut. No waste when cutting same product at different times
  • Zero blade exposure due to a permanent blade rim guard and a carriage lockout to prevent exposed blade edge

when the carriage and blade guard are removed for cleaning purposes

  • Safety hand guard mounted to the carriage
  • No voltage release prevents inadvertent reactivation after a power outage
  • High-performance gear knife drive on Palladio 330 ING.



  • The sharpener assembly is made entirely from aluminum, no plastic presence that

may break with heavy use.

  • The tie rod assembly and all external screws are made of stainless steel for longer life.
  • The slide shaft is made of ground, chromed steel for a smoother operation.
  • The high-quality bushings and ball bearings are self-lubricating.
  • The dial thickness control cam system allows for an always precise cut.


  • A safety cover is placed under the motor and the electrical components.
  • The hopper features an exclusive heavy duty plastic protection to keep

operator’s hand at a safe distance from the blade while operating the slicer.

  • A permanently-mounted knife ring guard covers the non- cutting side of the blade.
  • Overcurrent protection


  • Easy to clean aluminum alloy construction does not crack or stain.
  • The screws are stainless steel and resist wear and oxidation.
  • The carriage and the center plate are quickly removable without tools.
  • Exceptionally easy and roomy access to the back of the blade.


Operation: Gravity feed.

Construction: Polished, anodized aluminum alloy.

Knife: One piece, chromium plated 100Cr6 forged carbon steel blade.

Sharpener: Built-in, removable, two stone dual action.

Slice thickness: Infinitely variable up to 1”

Motor PLL 300-350: 0.55 Hp (410 W), fan-cooled, belt driven.

Motor PLL 330 ING: 0.55 Hp (410 W), fan-cooled, GEAR DRIVEN.

Electrical: 120V AC, 60Hz, 2.0A (220V, 50Hz available on request).

Plug & Cord: Attached, flexible, 3 wire SJT 18 AWG, 6’4” long cord.

Controls: ON/OFF push button switch with indicator light, no-voltage






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