Donut Fryer electric floor model 82 lb 618-240v-1

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(21254) Donut Fryer, electric, floor model, 82 lb. shortening capacity, 18" x 26" fry area, tilt-up elements, exterior drain valve control, (2) frying screens with bolt-on handles, stainless steel tank, cabinet and drain tray, adjustable, bolt-down legs, 208-240v/50/60/1-ph, 9.3-12.4 kW, 45.0-52.0 amps, ETL, UL, CSA, NSF
Note:Optional cake donut depositor and filtration system.

Belshaw 618L, 624
Open Kettle Electric Fryers
Belshaw open kettle electric fryers are designed to
efficiently produce all varieties of cake donut and
yeast raised donut. Almost any size and shape of
donut (or similar product) can be made in these
adaptable and dependable fryers.
• Compact. The space needed to operate a
Belshaw 618L gas or electric fryer is just 6 feet x 3½
feet (1.8m x 1.1m), including cake donut depositor
and open drain tray. Larger models need only
slightly increased space allowance.
• Productive. You can make from 65 to 120 dozen
donuts per hour on one of two standard sizes.
That leaves more time to finish and customize your
donuts exactly the way you want.
• Functional. The heavy duty elements used by the
600 series are robust enough to withstand daily use
over an extended period of years. Space under the
elements is reserved as a cool zone to avoid further
heating of frying debris. The elements themselves
tilt up to vertical to allow quicker cleaning after each
shift. The kettle can be quickly removed for periodic
cleaning outside the fryer.
• Convenient. With a Belshaw Open Kettle donut
system, the fryer, cake donut depositor, and
filtration system are each designed to work together.
Easy-to-use submerger screens can be added to
further improve production efficiency.
Products made commercially using floor
model electric fryers:
••Funnel cakes
••Elephant ears
+ Fried goods of all kinds
Belshaw provides a full line of companion
equipment designed for donut production:
••EP18-24 Proofing Cabinet
••Type ‘B’ or Type F cake donut depositors
••EZ Melt Shortening Melter-Filter
••SF Shortening Filter
••HI18/HI24 Production Icers
••H&I-2 / H&I-4 Icing Tables
••HG, HGEZ Hand Glazers
••Stainless steel cabinet, kettle, and drain tray, with
sloping surface around fryer kettle
••Drain tray on right side of fryer (can easily be relocated
to left side).
••Heavy duty elements, tiltable upwards for easy kettle
••Thermostat controlled heat with heavy duty contactors
••High-temperature limit switch set to approximately 450°
F (230° C)
••Two nickel plated cake donut frying screens with bolt-on
heat dissipating handles
••Adjustable, bolt down legs
••Heavy duty drain and valve with exterior handle
••Reinforced left side panel to accept Belshaw cake donut
depositor mount (can be switched to right side)
••Submerger screen
••Proofing screens for raised donuts (no handles)
••Detachable handles OR Screen Cradle for lifting hot
screens from fryer
••Type B (manual) or Type F (electric) cake donut
••’SF’ or ‘EZMelt’ filtration systems
••Customer is responsible for installation of ventilation
hood and/or fire suppression as required by local codes.
••208-240/60/1 and 208-240V/60/3 models are ETL
certified to UL-197, CSA C22.2 and NSF-4
••CE models available for European Union and other

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