Bakery Equipment Revolving Oven Spiral Mixer Bagel Kettle Matic

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♦♦ Aluminized Steel Interior Walls and Roof

♦♦ Stainless Steel Exterior Side and Back Walls

♦♦ Digital Controls with Timer

♦♦ High Intensity Interior Lights

♦♦ Solid Metal Trays with Back Riser

♦♦ Automatic Loading/Unloading Tray Stop

♦♦ Natural Gas Fired Burner complete with

Flame Safeguard

♦♦ Voltage – 120 VAC – 20 Amp

♦♦ Automatic/Manual Tray Rotation

♦♦ Stainless Steel Vertical Sliding Door

♦♦ Pre-Insulated Wall and Roof Panels

♦♦ Interior Constructed of Aluminized Steel for

Increased Reflectivity

♦♦ Louvered Front Removable Doors for Better


♦♦ Various Tray Configurations

♦♦ All Bearings maintenance free Graphite


♦♦ High Density Insulation & Heavy Duty Base


♦♦ Tray Stabilizers ensure a level bake.

♦♦ Drive components, Burner controls and

Electrical are all front accessible

♦♦ Built in exhaust hood

♦♦ On/Off Burner, Light and Fan Controls

♦♦ Shipped knockdown 


Power Exhaust Complete with Motor and

Integrated Controls

♦♦ Steel Screen or Lava Baking Stone Trays

♦♦ Self Generating Steam Unit

Experience the Revolution 

The newly redesigned Empire Revolving Tray Oven is art in motion!

A clean, solid design seamlessly combines advanced technology and

sturdy, dependable construction. Featuring a large capacity baking

chamber and reliable, low-maintenance burner system, the Empire

Revolving Tray Oven is perfect for baking everything from bagels,

breads and rolls to pastries, cakes, cookies and more! It’s even great for

roasting meats and other food service applications.

The new Empire Revolving Tray Oven is direct-fired and available in

capacities from 8-36 pans. It comes outfitted with an integrated steam

collection hood standard. An optional integrated steam system is also


Outfitted with a bagel kettle and trough, the Empire Revolving Tray

Oven is the must-have bagel oven for bagel shops across the country! 




♦♦ Coordinated Spiral and Bowl Drive

♦♦ Reversible Bowl Rotation

♦♦ Two Timers with Automatic


♦♦ Hi-Speed Lock Out Switch to Prevent

High-Speed Operation

♦♦ Stainless Steel Bowl, Spiral Arm,

Breaker Bar and Guard

♦♦ See-thru Bowl Guard with Safety

Interlock Prevents Operation with

Guard Open

♦♦ Belt Driven Arm and Bowl for Quiet

Operation and Low Maintenance

♦♦ Hydraulic Lifting Device is Smooth

and Reliable

♦♦ Dual Side Discharges at Various

Heights for Discharge onto Bench or

into Dough Hopper 





♦♦ Available in 25 and 45 Gallon


♦♦ Durable Stainless Steel Construction

♦♦ Removable Tank and Backsplash

♦♦ Body Insulated with Mineral Wool

♦♦ Heavy Duty Two-Ring Burner with

Control Valve

♦♦ Perforated Tray (removable for easy


♦♦ 1" Drain Line on the 25 Gallon Kettle,

2” Drain Line on the 45 Gallon

♦♦ 8” Flue Outlet

♦♦ 6” Legs are both Sturdy and

Adjustable Type II Hood with an 8" Vent Connection, Stainless Steel 

Heavy Duty for Better Bagels 

Nothing compares to a traditional boiled bagel! Empire’s EMP-BK Bagel

Kettle has been a staple in bagel shops around the world for over 25

years. Available in 25 and 45 gallon capacities, our stainless-steel kettle

features a removable perforated tray for easy cleaning. The natural gas

burner system is energy efficient and the fast recovery time allows you to

consistently produce up to 4,000 bagels per hour. Durable construction

and quality components will provide you with years of trouble-free

operation and ETL approval assures code compliance. 




Options & Accessories

♦♦ Front Mounted Controls Provide Easy

Access in Tight Spaces

♦♦ 2-Speed Spiral and Bowl Drive for

Precision Mixing Control

♦♦ Reversible Bowl Rotation Helps Facilitate

Ingredient Blending and Dough


♦♦ Dual Timers with Automatic

Low to High Changeover

♦♦ Stainless Steel Bowl, Spiral Arm, and

Breaker Bar

♦♦ Safety Interlock Prevents Operation with

Guard Open

♦♦ Double Pulley Transmission Drives Arm

and Bowl for Quiet Operation and Low


♦♦ Mounted on Three Casters for Easy

Mobility and Cleaning

♦♦ Variable Speed Inverter for Increased

Strength and Performance (standard for

the IRIS-300 only)

♦♦ 208V/3Ph/60Hz Electric (standard). Other

voltages are available.

♦♦ Bowl Guard available in two styles:

Stainless Steel Grid (standard) or Solid

ABS Plastic 

♦♦ 4.3” LCD Touch Screen Control Panel

(available only on IRIS-80 and larger)

♦♦ Single Phase available on IRIS-30 & 40 


Great Baking Starts with a Great Mixer! 

Introducing the IRIS Stationary Bowl Spiral Mixer – another in a long

line of reliable spiral mixers from Empire! Ideal for bagels, pizza and a

wide range of artisan dough, the IRIS is sure to be right at home in your

restaurant, bakery or supermarket.

The IRIS Spiral Dough Mixer builds on the reliability and versatility of

Empire’s traditional spiral mixer. Precision mixing controls provide high

output, fast mixing times and maximum consistency. A coordinated

2-speed spiral and bowl rotation system provides optimal ingredient

blending and dough development, and the front facing control panel

makes it extremely easy to use – even in the tightest of spaces. This

unique combination of exclusive features, advanced engineering and

rugged construction means that the IRIS Stationary Bowl Spiral Mixer will

mix a superior end product time and time again! 

Empire Bagel Machine

Factory Refurbished with a new warranty.

One full year parts and labor, 90 days on electrical components.​ 


World’s Favorite Bagel Machine 

The Empire Automatic Bagel Machine is time proven. It’s

fast, strong, reliable and is easily adapted for the production

of mini, regular and bull bagels at up to 3,600 pieces per

hour. The divider has a scaling range of 1 to 12 ounces

and may be used independently to divide many types and

textures of dough. Our variable knife speed assures you

of the proper dough piece shape for all sizes and weights

of your product. The bagel former is designed to work in

conjunction with the divider, but may also be hand fed. 


Produces up to 3,600 Pieces/Hour

♦♦ Rotary Knife Action – No Piston or Messy Oil

Clean Up

♦♦ No Heat Transfer from Machine to Dough

♦♦ Knife is Teflon Coated (No Oiling Necessary)

♦♦ 4 Foot Infeed Conveyor for High Capacity

♦♦ Variable Speed on Knife Allows you to

Adjust Dough Piece Shape for the Best

Possible End Product

♦♦ 20 Inch Turntable for Easy Accessibility and


♦♦ Easily Adjusted Pressure Plate

♦♦ Mounted on Casters for Easy Movement &


♦♦ Cutaway Frame Allows Easy Clean-Up 

Bakery Equipment Revolving Oven Spiral Mixer Bagel Kettle and Ho 

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