WoodStone Blaze Pizza Oven Fire Deck Gas FD-9660-RFGLR-IR

Wood Stone Blaze Pizza Oven Fire Deck Gas FD-9660-RFGLR-IR  Fire Deck Stone Hearth Oven, radiant gas flame on left and right sides with infrared under floor burner, 72" w x...

Wood Stone Blaze Pizza Oven Fire Deck Gas


Fire Deck Stone Hearth Oven, radiant gas flame on left and right sides with infrared under floor burner, 72" w x 46" d hearth, (40) 8", (24) 10", (15) 12", (8) 16" or (6) 18" pizza capacity, monolithic cast-ceramic floor & dome create "deep heat sink", galvanized steel upper body, heavy duty steel frame base painted black, 12" OD flue collar, ETL Sanitation, 350,000 BTU 

The Fire Deck 9660 oven features a door opening 54 inches wide x 10 inches high with a stainless steel mantle at the hearth.

The cooking area is 75 inches wide x 44 inches deep, resulting in a 23-square-foot cooking surface. A tensioned steel exoskeleton surrounding the hearth and dome perimeter ensure structural integrity and longevity. Wrapped in spun ceramic fi ber insulation and requiring only 1-inch side clearance to combustibles, the monolithic cast-ceramic 4-inch thick hearth and monolithic 4-inch thick dome rest on a black painted steel stand. The oven body front, top, back and sides are fi nished with galvanized steel. The oven arrives completely assembled, ETL Listed, ready to install, and is made in the USA. A set of optional rigging casters is available to aid in the initial installation. Information about custom

finishes, tools, and accessories can be found online at:



 Wood Stone Pizza Oven OPTIONS:

1 ea SG‐BDL‐O‐WS‐72‐C Hood for 8645 / 9660 / 9690 Fire Decks, curved face, pre‐piped for Ansul, requires 1050 CFM, 0.8" S.P. (ALL HOODS ARE prepiped for Ansul; includes duct and plenum nozzles, fusible link holder with 450 degree fusible link, ready for connection to Customer supplied Ansul 102 system (NOTE: ANSUL SYSTEM BY OTHERS) $3,995 *************************************


1 ea WS‐GSV‐315 Exhaust #315 fan for use with hood, includes fan speed control, max. 1575 CFM @ 0.8" W.C., 6 amps $



1 ea RP‐002‐800‐RES Interlock Relay, to connect fan to oven, GAS ONLY 



1 ea FD‐DECFLAME Decorative Flame, 20 1/8 "W x 3.75"D, turns on

automatically with oven controller, 15,000 BTU (Fire Deck 6045 & 8645 must be specified at time of order) Not available for double door

ovens, adds 2 weeks to standard lead time 

1 ea RP‐0020‐(NG/LP) Spare Parts Service Kit , Includes: Smart Valve,

Igniter, Igniter Gasket & steel box 6" x 6" x 4" 

1 ea WS‐TL‐SET‐M‐GAS Medium Tool Set, for gas ovens, includes (1) loading peel (12" pies and smaller), (1) loading peel (16" pies and smaller), (1) utility peel, (1) medium brush set and (1) bubble hook 



GASFIRED ONLY: Confi gured to burn either natural gas (NG) or

liquid propane (LP)*.


Heated by an easily adjustable radiant fl ame located on

both sides of the cooking chamber, along with a thermostatically

controlled infrared burner which is mounted

under the oven deck to ensure high production capacity.

q DECORATIVE FLAME: Provides an additional 15,000

BTU/hr fl ame at the rear of the cooking chamber for show.

q WOODFIRED W: Wood-fi red only.

q WOOD WITH GAS ASSIST WIR: is wood-fi red model is

assisted by the additional BTU/hr of an Underfl oor IR burner.

NOTE: A wood fi re is required with this confi guration.

q COMBINATION W: Allows optional wood burning for

ovens with gas burner confi gurations. 


8" pizzas: 40

10" pizzas: 24

12" pizzas: 15

16" pizzas: 8

Assuming 5-minute cook times, the approximate maximum

hourly production capacity can be calculated by multiplying

the above numbers by 12. Cook times will also vary depending

on “style” of pizza. Note: e addition of a decorative fl ame

will decrease space and impact overall cooking capacity.