Rotisseries Electric Counter Top 9 Birds Old Hickory N/1.9

 Display Rotisserie Oven, electric, countertop, convection heat, (9) chicken or basket capacity, manual controls, stainless steel construction w. glass doors, 5.8 KW CALL FOR PRICE                  [EXPLODED PARTS...

 Display Rotisserie Oven, electric, countertop, convection heat, (9) chicken or basket capacity, manual controls, stainless steel construction w. glass doors, 5.8 KW



1.9 Specification



1.9 machine       
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Rotisserie chicken is fast becoming as common in freshly prepared food circles as hot dogs and hamburgers. Hickory's 1.9 Rotisserie was designed in response to market requests for a compact, versatile, and efficient countertop oven. The 1.9 is ideal for smaller retail outlets or for customers who want to add rotissserie chicken to their current menu alternatives. Nine individual motors drive nine separate spits to assure maximum cooking availability. There are no chains or complex drive mechanisms to wear out or break down. A removable rear panel and easy-to-clean parts reduce maintenance and result in a cleaner appearance and a neater cooking area. For the ultimate in space-saving convenience, the Model 1.9 is also designed to be wall mounted, when your countertop space is extremely limited.

Cooking: Nine single-chicken spits allow from one to nine chickens to be individually loaded, cooked, and unloaded. The unique individual spits are also useable as stands, thereby saving space and adding convenience when preparing, loading, unloading, or displaying the chickens after cooking. The spits are especially designed for easy unloading with a standard barbecue fork or tongs. The heated air inside the rotisserie is constantly circulated by dual convection fans for extremely even and efficient cooking that is unmatched in a unit of this size.

Merchandising: The 1.9 Rotisserie's tempered dual glass enclosure provides for maximum lighting and full visibility from three sides. Hickory's first "sun-roof" design features a dual glass top panel which allows maximum ambient light to illuminate the roasting chicken, and also enables the retailer to highlight the cooking product by directing overhead store spotlights directly into the unit.

1.9 spec table

Ventilation: Electric units do not normally require air evacuation.
Drive Mechanism: Individual motors drive each spit.
Installation Requirements: Licensed electrician for connections and checkout. Placement of this machine is critical since it is hot. Plan carefully.  A wall mounting unit is available.
Front Facings: Machine is made with high grade polished stainless. Accent striped frames are black enamel.
Service, Maintenance, and Construction: Full rear service panel allows easy access to all working parts. The 1.9 is easily cleaned from the front with stainless steel removable panels and glass, enabling the user to meet all sanitary and hygienic requirements with a minimum of time and effort. Removable interior panels allow for quick maintenance and minimal cleaning effort. The interior cooking area is constructed completely of high grade stainless steel. Insulation is complete on all top and side panels. Rigid frame design insures strength.
Safety: The vertically hinged, tempered glass service doors open completely, with the use of large handle knobs which profiles below the glass to assist and prevent the possibility of the operator burning his hands or arms. Electrical components are located behind the control panel in an area fully insulated from the interior cooking space. Control panel information, with clear, legible graphics, eliminates confusion for even the novice operator.