Pizza Tortilla Press Somerset SDP-800 Tortilla Press

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Somerset SDP- 800 Tortilla Press
Adjustable product thickness with the turn of a dial
• Reliable, safe operation
• Manual with mechanical assist mechanism
• Produces tortillas up to 18” (46cm) in diameter
• Easy to operate, easy to clean
• Compact / Simple table top design
• Both platens are heated
• Fast and efficient
• Quick and safe product discharge
• Installed burn guard
• Fully adjustable heat controls with LED temp display
• Heavy duty stainless steel construction ensures long
and trouble free operation


The SDP-800 is Somerset Industries’ most advanced, table top, compact tortilla press machine. This press, ideal for Mexican Tortillas, has been designed to handle a variety of tortilla press products. This versatility, combined with heavy stainless steel construction, makes the Somerset SDP-800 an excellent choice for:

• Mexican Tortillas
• Pizza
• Gluten-Free Dough
• Flat Breads
• Ethnic Foods
• Many Other Tortilla Press Products

Highlights and Features of the Somerset SDP-800 Tortilla Press

Here are just a few of the features built into the foodservice industry’s most versatile, reliable tortilla press:

• Over 1,000 pieces per hour
• Heavy gauge stainless steel construction for years of long      and trouble free operation
• Easy to operate and easy to clean
• Produces various doughs up to 18” in diameter, 4”tortillas
• Simple handle adjustments for precise thickness settings
• Simple temperature controls with LED display
• Compact table top design
• Extra height between plates for easy operation
• Heat protection guard
• And much more


The SDP-800 has been designed and engineered for safety, simplicity and ease of use. With it’s manual/mechanical assisted hand operation, the Tortilla Press offers consistent performance in all foodservice applications.

SomersetSomerset SDP-800 Tortilla Press Specifications



• Temperature Range:     0-450 F (0-232 C)
• Finishing: Heavy gauge stainless steel
• Shipping Weight: 178 pounds, (77 kgs)
• Dimensions: 19.5" (49.53 cm) wide,30.1"(76.45 cm) tall, 23.8"(60.45cm) deep

Somerset Adjustable Dough Presses: The Most Trusted Name in Hot Dough Presses, or Dual Heat Dough Presses



Everyone loves pizza but consumers are also increasingly interested in fresh tortillas, pita bread, and other ethnic flatbreads such as lavash, parathas, roti, chapati, and other specialty products. Due to the rising popularity of these products, chefs and bakers need dough presses to meet consumer demand and remain competitive. Each of these products requires a different type of dough press to make an authentic product and that’s why we offer a range of dough presses which are easy to use, affordable, dependable, and a perfect solution for:

• Pizzerias
• Schools
• Cafes
• Bakeries
• Mexican Restaurants
• Any Food Production Facility Specializing in Ethnic Food

Types of Somerset Dough Presses
We’ve been making reliable bakery equipment for over 60 years and lead the industry in innovation and performance. Our selection of dough presses includes:

• Hot Dough Presses – The Somerset hot dough press uses an adjustable thickness heated platen with an easily adjustable temperature range of up to 300 F (150 C) degrees for versatility and precise temperature control. Precise temperature control stretches the product and reduces shrinkage in every application.

• Dual Heat Dough Presses – Our dual heat dough presses use twoadjustable thickness heated platens for par-baking the product which speeds the cooking process significantly and increases the production of flour tortillas and other flatbreads.

Somerset Dough Press Models
We manufacture a variety of adjustable thickness dough presses which are designed to make the production of a wide range of products easier, safer, and more efficient. Our dough press is available with attachable molds for various crust shapes and sizes:

• Somerset SDP-747 Hot Dough Press
• Somerset SDP-747D Hot Dough Press (18”)
• Somerset SDP-800 Dual Heat Dough Press