Pizza Oven Wood Burning With Gas Round Stone Heart

Round Stone Hearth Beech Oven, Oven, Full Gas with radiant flame burner standard round stone hearth baking oven, 36" internal diameter, 2 piece construction makes for easy install through a standard...
Round Stone Hearth Beech Oven, Oven, Full Gas with radiant flame burner standard round stone hearth baking oven, 36" internal diameter, 2 piece construction makes for easy install through a standard doorway, individual 3" brick base and convexed dome creates optimum baking conditions, 110v/50/1
Typical standard oven lead times are 6 weeks, custom 8 weeks. 
Oven Weight; 2469 LB Size:49" wide x 49" deep x 73" high 
Approximate Pizza Capacity Per Hour At 250"C (482"F) floor temperture the oven will cook:
200mm - 8" pizza /80 each
250mm - 10" pizza / 60 each 
300mm - 12" pizza / 35 each
400mm - 16" pizza / 20 each
Price does not include freight (FOB Brea), install, utility hook-ups, factory supervised start upstart up, hood/ventilation if not listed or any accessory not listed. Oven also does not include any type of cladding or assembly; oven will ship in its raw form and have to be assembled and set up on site and will need approx 3 days to cure properly. There are no returns on Beech products. Ovens with structural accessories qualify as custom.




Round Stone Hearth Oven – Wood/Gas fired.

Ext Diameter: Ø1250mm.

Int Diameter: 900mm.

Height: 1730mm.



Purpose: Wood/Gas Fired stone hearth oven for cooking Pizza and other dishes.

Construction:  High grade castable ceramic encased in 5mm steel housing supplied in 2 major sections with removable legs. 50mm insulation covers oven body, 25mm air gap between insulation and non-combustible façade material. 75mm stone hearth floor above 25mm insulating board and 5mm plate.

Firing Type:  Wood, Gas or Gas Back-up (Wood and Gas)

Gas: Gas Back-up - 80Mj NAT / 60Mj LPG (Tube Burner)

Full Gas – 70Mj Nat / 60Mj LPG (Display Burner)

Exhaust Requirements: Under Canopy/Hood OR Beech Spray Filter (Wet Scrubber) OR Flue Transition.

MEP Ratings : Gas Connection – 19mm (3/4”) line.

Electrical – 220-240VAC @ 50Hz 1 Phase 10 AMP

Spray Filter Water Inlet– 15mm @ 30 L/Hr.

Spray Filter Water Outlet – 40mm Copper Drain – To drain via tundish visible to operator.

Spray Filter Water Solenoid – 220-240VAC @ 50Hz 1 Phase 10AMP (Linked to exhaust fan – Fan ON = Solenoid ON)

Spray Filter Exhaust Ratings – 300mm x 300mm connection, 130Pa Static Pressure, 700l/sec

Spray Filter Cool air Make-up unit – Ensure a fresh air supply is available. No connection required.

Capacity : Cooks approximately 25 x 300mm pizzas per hour.

Accessories : Pizza Tools (Pizza Peel, Spigot Brush, Brass Floor Brush, Bubble Hook, SS Rake and Shovel)

Stainless Steel Hearth (Optional – shown in image)

Spray Filter (Optional – shown in image)

Safety : Oven and associated systems are CE and UL compliant.

UL Tested to Subject 2162 (Wood/Gas Fired). Complies to USA “ANSI-NSF standard 4”

Exterior temperatures below 50°C.

Compliant Gas systems with flame failure device.

Special Requirements: Façade and Oven surround to be made of non-combustible material.

Tube Burner Vent to be connected via ventilation panel in front façade panel below oven door (See Installation and Operation Manual for details)

Access and ventilation panel to both above and below oven - minimum 600mm x 600mm

Metal infill required between oven spigot and façade to prevent hot air and flames entering the façade cavity.

The Beech RND0900 Stone Hearth Oven is manufactured from a high grade castable ceramic material and completely enclosed in a housing of 5mm (1/4”) mild steel. This mild steel outer casing and incorporated lifting hooks make installation easy which reduces potential damage to the oven. The inside diameter of the oven is 900mm (35.4”) and it has a 0.64m² (6.9ft²) cooking surface. This style of oven can be fired using wood, gas back-up or full gas.
The spectacular performance of a Beech Oven is a result of the huge thermal mass of the unique ceramic cast interior. Beech Ovens have TWICE the mass (thermal mass) of any other pre-cast oven on the market. The unique oven design results in superior cooking performance and exceptional thermal efficiency.
The cooking surface of the oven (stone hearth) is constructed using high quality 75mm (3”) thick Fire bricks, renowned for their excellent cooking attributes and incredible wear resistance. The use of bricks eliminates the unsightly cracking associated with one piece floors. The bricks sit upon a 25mm (1”) VF insulating board and a further 5mm (1/4”) reinforced mild steel base.
The unique three (3) piece oven design allows all Beech Ovens to be installed through a standard 700mm (27.5”) doorway. All Beech Ovens can be installed without the use of a crane therefore significantly reducing the costs of installation. The oven body comes with an exclusive 4 year guarantee.
The oven can be installed within 75mm (3”) (including 50mm (2”) of insulating wool and 25mm (1”) air gap) of non-combustible material (check local building and fire codes). The oven exhausts through a spigot above the oven mouth. The oven must be vented in accordance with local and/or national codes. Refer to “Duct Design Options” or for more information, refer to the Installation and Operation Manual located on our website
Allow 600mm sq (24”sq) ventilation into the underside of the oven for secondary air to the gas burner (if applicable).
Unique Features
Wood and/or thermostatically controlled gas system.
Easy installation into most areas (three (3) piece assembly).
Stainless steel plug door for oven mouth.
Any gas type – Specify at order time.
Optional Accessories
· Internal spotlight.
· Viewing window available in any location.
· Various shape/design facades and Stainless Steel Hearths.
· Thermostatically controlled Display burner.
· Exhaust Fan/Hood.
· Stainless Steel pizza tools.
· Service panels/hearth/lintel extensions.