Zumex MultiFruit Vegetable Juicer Extractor $2295

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Zumex Multi Juicer: Same as Z-Multijuicer, Z-Licuadora Compact Vegetable and Citrus Juicer

The Zumex Multifruit Juicer can accommodate all types of fruits and vegetables is available in three attractive colors. The Zumex Multifruit Juicer is great for lower volume locations.

Process all type of fruits and vegetable – Voltage : 115 v, 60 Hz

Dimension : 50 x 48 x 29 cm – Net Weight : 18 kgs – 39,68 lbs 

Antihumidity Protection : IP X2 –  Easy to clean and operate

Very wide fruit feeder intake –  Anti-drip tap – Tray for glass or pitcher

Tray for glass or pitcher –  Very Silent – 

The safest in the market (CE, NSF, UL) – Includes receipt book

Zumex MultiFruit Vegetable Juicer 

Sale Price $2295 Plus Fright FOB Miami – 



  • Zumex Multifruit Juicer
  • Electronic control system which checks torque and revolutions, putting up more power if necessary.
  • Grating disk with central design to prevent fruit from turning aside while crushing.
  • Two speed selector for soft or hard fruit.
  • Extremely quite.
  • Inmediate reply electronic braking system.
  • Induction Motor, free of maintenance and longer lifespan compared to conventional motors.
  • Anti-drip tap and tray helps keep the working area clean.
  • No tools required for disassembly
  • Dimensions: 
19’’ x 12’’ x 20’’
  • Click here to see the Zumex Mulitfruit in action!

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