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The Mt. Baker 6′ oven is one of our most popular ovens. With its 22 square feet of cooking surface it is a serious production oven for both pizza players looking for show and volume and restaurateurs looking for quality and throughput. Wolfgang Puck Cafe, Tutta Bella, Amici’s and Safeway are just some of the many satisfied Mt. Baker owners.

The Mt. Baker Dual Burner, Gas-Fired oven features a standard

door opening 36 inches wide x10 inches high. The inside diameter

of the oven floor is 62 inches, resulting in a 22-square-foot cooking

surface. The oven is approved for installation with a 1-inch side

clearance to combustible building materials.

The dense, high-temperature ceramic formulation of which the

hearth and dome are cast creates a “deep heat sink” within the

chamber of the oven. The oven is primarily heated by an easily

adjustable (105,000-BTU max.) wall of radiant flame located at

the rear of the cooking chamber. An 83,000-BTU thermostatically

controlled infrared burner mounted under the floor ensures constant

deck temperatures. The combined effect of these heat sources

makes the Mt. Baker a very powerful and responsive stone hearth


The 1,600-pound, monolithic, 4-inch thick, cast-ceramic floor

sits on 4 inches of rigid insulation. The 1,300-pound, monolithic

dome is cast to a thickness of at least 4 inches. The hearth and

dome are connected and supported by a carefully tensioned steel

exoskeleton, which ensures structural integrity and long life. The body

of the oven rests on a 12-gauge steel pan bolted to a heavy-duty

3-inch angle iron stand. The oven is wrapped with at least 2 inches

of spun ceramic fiber insulation and enclosed (top and sides) with

16-gauge galvanized steel. The oven arrives completely assembled

and ready to set in place.

The oven vents through a flue collar located above the doorway.

The Mt. Baker can be direct connected to a power-ventilated, grease-

rated chimney or can be vented with a Listed Type 1 exhaust hood,

or one constructed in accordance with NFPA 96 and all relevant local

and national codes. The oven must be vented in accordance with

all relevant local and national codes and in a manner acceptable to

the authority having jurisdiction. Ovens ordered without a hood will

have a round flue adapter installed to facilitate direct connection to

a round duct. A flue adapter is necessary only when the oven will

be direct connected. 

Hearth Capacity

8″ pizzas


10″ pizzas 14-16

12″ pizzas 10-12

16″ pizzas


Assuming 5-minute cook times, the approximate maximum

hourly production capacity can be calculated by multiplying the

above numbers by 12.

optional aCCeSSorieS

• Doorway and Service Panel Extensions

• Stainless Steel or Black Granite Mantles

• Stainless Steel Oven Tools

• Custom Finishes

• Exhaust Fan

• Exhaust Hood

• Wood Burning Option

• Custom Wood Burning Accessories

• Multiple Opening Options

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