Winston Cook And Hold COOK/HOLD CABINET Oven

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 COOK/HOLD CABINET cac507/cac509

CVap® Cook/Hold, silver edition, 2 channel control, auto fill, stacked, 3" casters

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with 2 glass doors add $295

CAC522 CVap Cook and Hold

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Designed for high yield meat roasting, as well as steaming, rethermalizing, low-temp baking, and more.  When the cook cycle is complete, it will automatically switch to hold mode, holding your menu items at just-cooked quality and precise serving temperatures for extended times

  • Powered by Patented Controlled Vapor Technology (CVap)

  • Simple push-button operation with settings for Doneness Temperature. Browning Level, and Cook Time.  Never needs calibration.

  • Built to last with quality craftsmanship, high grade stainless steel construction. A full 1.5" insulation on top, sides, and doors.

  • Features perimeter door gaskets, magnetic door latches, lift-off doors, removable side racks, and digital readout


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