Vegetarian Fat Free TV Dinner Steak Miranda Heat and Serve

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Steak Miranda


The Steak Miranda appeals to the traditional vegetarian, or someone who is looking to replace meat in their diets but is unwilling to give up the taste and texture of a meat. The Steak Miranda has real outdoor, grilled flavor and a meaty texture, while maintaining a healthy, nutritional profile.


Vegetarian Steak Miranda Topped with Mushroom Sauce and Served with Fat Free Potato Kniskha.



Amount per Serving

Percentage Daily Value

Calories 70  
Fat, g 0 2%
Saturated Fat, g 0  
Trans Fatty Acids, g 0  
Cholesterol, mg 0  
Sodium, mg 220 21%
Potassium, mg* 310 15%
Carbohydrate, g 7 4%
Fiber, g 3 12%
Sugars, g 1  
Protein, g 9 32%
Soy Protein, g 7  

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