Umbrellas for outdoor Hotels commercial spaces

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Umbrellas for outdoor patio Design, Hotels and hospitality, commercial spaces.

Umbrellas are important when outside because they help protect from the sun, rain, and other natural elements like snow. While these are mainly meant for the everyday person there are umbrellas that are used on restaurant front and back porches as well as at hotel cafeteria’s and poolside locations. Occasionally contract furniture designers ,have used these umbrellas in residential yards Designs.


The purpose of these umbrellas are not just for looks and decoration but also to provide shade in areas that do not have enough of it. Even more is that there are several designs and umbrella styles.

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Round Wood 10 Round JA-159


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Commercial base 24″ diameter 140lbs JA-166

The umbrellas that are offered and available for purchase come in four different styles; the 3 layer, single layer, hanging residential, and the round residential. The 3 layer is simply one that has a base that is bolted to the ground and 3 layers of material to control how much shade or shelter should be provided. The single layer is similar but there is only one layer of material so not much is available for protection from the elements.


Upgrade to Sunbrella for better quality, any color available to match your style and design


Patio umbrellas offer elegant and reliable outdoor protection from wind, rain and sun. The addition of umbrellas to your outdoor patio sets allows you to provide shade wherever your design demands. Commercially durable aluminum umbrellas can provide much needed shade and protection to restaurant tables, outdoor cafeteria furniture, pool patios, and any area where guests need a little extra shade and shelter from the elements. Easily transportable in their own free standing bases, patio umbrellas offer a pool of inviting shade on hot days, and can even create a haven on rainy and blustery days. For home gardens and patios, elegant and stylish wood frame umbrellas offer a beautiful and more natural look to a portable spot of shade in a sunny yard. All umbrella fabrics are specially crafted and treated to withstand day after day of direct sunlight, rainy weather, and even snow and other adverse weather conditions.


Another one of the styles that is available are the residential umbrellas. The hanging umbrella can be mounted to the side of a house, has a measurement of 10 x 10, and hangs out over the seating area. Finally, the last type of available umbrella is the round residential. This umbrella is able to be used on a table that house a centerpiece spot for the umbrella pole to drop down into or on a base. This umbrella only comes as a single layer.


The umbrella has been around for about 400 years. By now, it is common knowledge that the umbrella is not only good for protection from the rain. It is also great protection from the sun. Our Outdoor Design material that is water repellent, UV resistant, and resistant and color-fast. Enjoy the luxury of following the sun by using the 360 rotating feature. Stay two steps ahead of the sun!!! 

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