Table and chair set outdoor furniture Chair $43 table $55

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Founded in 2009 in Miami Florida Consolidated in the United States to extend our reliability, dependability, and expertise dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers by providing beautifully crafted furniture having advanced technology for the production process to take the socioeconomic status of our country and be the first of our kind on the market.

To offer our customers a selection of products designed and manufactured with raw, high-tech materials with the most qualified talent ensuring the best services to maintain and exceed quality standards, stability, and competitiveness. It’s our commitment to our clients.

Our vision is to be the best when it comes to quality and to having a variety of products and services, always striving for national and international recognition.
We guarantee to enrich and fulfill your day to day lifestyle with the large variety of colors we offer for our furniture.
Colors communicate ideas and express feelings that stimulate us, causing us feelings of happiness and wellbeing.
Depending on whether you plan to decorate your home or business, the use of colors and sensations could be obtained by combining and drawing from color contrasts to create great environments.

Choosing from the ample assortment of colors we offer with our chairs helps your home or business give off an aura that influences positivity, improving energy.
No matter what your location is, we will provide a range of colors ideal for your environment, from the yard of a home to a hotel restaurant.
When you sit on our chairs you feel a sort of sensation run through your body as it adapts to the chair’s ergonomic form, achieving a perfect position to enjoy each and every moment.
Each color of our furniture is made from polypropylene pigments with UV additives achieving strong, salient colors, with an aluminum base and a matte finish that proves water resistant.

Taking as an example, our chairs for dining restaurants and other dining places can make use of the red ARI chair for your business’ environment as it’s not only a comfortable, ergonomic chair but also the color red creates an energy that stimulates the appetite; as so also happens with the green color of the ARI chair, stimulating our appetite to eat healthy food, and the orange ARI chair increases mental activity, also stimulating the appetite.
Combining the ambiance of your home or business with our chairs and tables you can play around with your fruit decor and dinnerware.
The seduction of Modernism activates our lives.
Do not hesitate to seek advice from our experts, with our furniture available at good prices you will get style and quality.

Chair $43.00

Table With Base $55  



This tables are available in various colors for your choice.
Measures: Width 27.55 in Long 27.55 in Table measures the ground High 29.52 in Table weight including base 13.77 lb

the table has uv protection. 



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Weight 8 lbs

In Color Furniture

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