Superautomatic espresso and cappuccino machine single cup

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By simply pressing a button, SIMPLECAPP allows everybody to prepare cappuccino, or espresso coffee in different sizes, from fresh coffee beans and fresh milk; just fill the coffee hopper and insert the milk hose into the fresh milk container. 

Its simple and elegant design fits in perfectly with any type of furnishing. Our froather gives you the best cappuccino and latte you ever had from a fully automatic machine. 

The machine can produce 4 different drinks. Each drink can be fully programmed in size, amount of ground coffee, amount of milk, and even of foam! A hot water dispenser can produce hot water continuosly. A second grinder for decaffeinated coffee is available upon request. The machine is built in two version: with direct connection to the water line and with built-in water tank 

SIMPLECAPP has a finely elaborated electronic control system which gives clear indications about its use, programming and maintenance; it is possible to vary the quantity of the product required, and also to visualize the number of cups supplied, product by product. 

The cleaning cycle of the coffee and milk circuits is greatly simplified by the electronic board. The metal heat exchanger ensures all-round heat distribution and perfect infusion; all parts in contact with coffee and milk are made with materials suitable for food. 

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Special Features / will make 100 cups per hour

(single Flavor Machine)


  • Uses Fresh Milk and Beans
  • Built-in Drink Counter
  • Automatic Washing every 20 Minutes
  • Separate chute for pre-ground decaffeinated coffee
  • Milk Frother requires no adjustments
  • Continous production of hot water
  • Available with built-in water tank
    Espresso production
    100 cups/hour
    Number of product keys
    Continuous hot water production
    0,45 l/min
    cm 30 x 60 x 70h 
    12" x 24" x 28"1/2h
    Kg 30 
    66 lbs
    Electric power (basic version)
    KW/h 2,3

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