Soda Vending Machine multiple beverage sizes New

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Product Name : RV 542- NEW
Price: $3295.00 plus fright

Royal Vendors bottles/can 8 selection soda machines with validator and changer included Call for Details


More Than Just Good Looks.

l Highly reliable 24 volt direct-drive delivery system. 

l Package flexibility without shims, adjustments, 

and kits 

Best Space to Sales Detail.

l 12 columns versus 10 on other venders providing better 

space-to-sales management and increasing profitability

Product Delivery Sensor. 

l Highly reliable across the wide spectrum of today’s products 

and packages

Energy Efficient.

l Econocool refrigeration system

l Energy Conservation mode allows greater savings

l Energy Star Tier 2 compliant, allowing even further energy 


l Optional LED lighting decreases energy consumption and 

increases lighting system life 


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