Slicer 12" Heavy Duty Teflon Blade Belt Driven Anvil SLR741

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ANVIL – Slicer Start Heavy Duty Teflon Blade Belt Driven 12 – [ SLR7412 ]
Voltage (V) 110
Power (HP) 0.30
Cut Capacity (inches) 12½x8½
Cut Capacity (mm) 250×210
Cut Thickness (inches) 1 3/8
Cut thickness (mm) 0 – 30
Blade Diameter (inches) 12
Blade Diameter (mm) 301
Dimensions (inches) 22x14x17
Dimensions (mm) 580x380x450
Box Dimns (inches) 28x23x21
Box Dimns (mm) 700x575x525
Complies with spec UL 197
Slicer Start 12" Teflon Blade

Built of top quality aluminium. Safety and hygiene meet the needs of demanding customers worldwide. Comes standard with built-in sharpeners and fire proof bottom plates.

  • Specially designed for slicing cheese.
  • Teflon blade and guide prevents sticking and contamination.
  • Teflon means blade lasts longer and makes cutting cheese products a sinch.

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