Shish Kabob Kebab Kebob Machine Automatic

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Amaizing Way To Char Broil Shis Kabob, "never over burn"

Powered by a standard rotisserie 110 Volt electrical motor (Electrical Converter is available for use with 220 Volt), the Kabobmaster automatically turns 10 long skewers simultaneously at approximately 3 rpm (revolutions per minute). Quality stainless steel skewers with 20” long blades can accommodate large pieces of meat such as beef, chicken, lamb, pork, or fish. The automatic and even rotation of the skewers ensures that the food is cooked evenly throughout while retaining the delicious natural flavor and juices.

Shish Kabob has always been a popular and versatile dish, celebrated by various cultures for centuries. Food is placed on skewers and held over an open flame, periodically turned by hand to achieve evenly cooked kabobs. While most shish kabob grills and BBQ tools are time consuming and manually intensive, the Automatic BBQ Grill is incredibly versatile and can be used to cook almost anything that can be placed on a skewer. In a short period of time, a large variety of foods can be prepared effortlessly. 

Comes in 3 Commercial sizes:36", 48", & 60"

very easily screws on to charbroilers 


Yes we have 3 sizes for the Kabobmaster. 36" (12 skewers), 48" (17 skewers) and 60" (22 skewers). These are commercial models. 

36" is $ 795

48" is $1295

60" is $1595

We have the 36" and the 48" in stock ready for immediate delivery. The 60" is a special order and takes 10 days to make.


shish kebob machine
 Shish Kabob Kebab Kebob Machine Automatic

WE have other options such as this one.

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