Shawarma Gyro Junior Electric 12 Lb Of Meat 120v

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Shawarma Gyro Junior Electric Holds 10 Lb Of Food

The Junior Shawarma Vertical Broiler is electric.

Also known as the Mini- Autodoner®, this machine is one of a kind. It has been designed for small cones, ideal for a deli and or small restaurants. This machine comes equipped with all the accessories needed for optimal use.

  • Electrical: 120V/60HZ; Single Phase; 14 AMPS 
  • and 220V/60HZ; Single Phase; 11 AMPS
  • Capacity: 12 lbs meat
  • Dimensions: L-11", W-12", H-20.5"
  • Shipping Weight: 26 lbs


 Sale Price $625.00    plus $45 UPS

Great For Commercial Use, Catering, Home, Boats etc..


Here Is One Happy Customer Danny Gordon From Chai Wok Kosher Chinese Restaurant in North Miami Beach Florida,







Super Gyro Knife


 Now anybody can slice gyro cones like a professional! The Super Gyros Knife is offered in two different models; Plastic and Metal which were made for the operator to easily slice, just like using a deli meat slicer. It is a very simple and easy to clean knife, and is also has 50% less parts and maintenance costs than the other gyros knives on the market. All new knives come with an extra blade and a sharpening stone.

*Super Gyros Knife- Metal
The Metal model offers an adjustment knob to comfortably adjust the thickness of the slice desired.

*Super Gyros Knife-Plastic
On the Plastic model manually adjust the blade guard up or down to properly adjust to the thickness desired.

  • Input: AC 120V/60HZ/1
  • Output: DC 30V-3000mA
  • Shipping Weight: 9 lbs.

    The Plastic Super Gyro Knife is $580.00 and the Metal one is $720.00

    plus shipping. 

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