Sandwich Press Panini 110V

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ANVIL – Sandwich Press Panini 110V – [ TSA7209 ]
Voltage (V) 120
Power (kW) 1.8
Sandwiches (p/hr) Approx 90
Dimensions (inches) 14x18x12
Dimensions (mm) 355x466x327
Box Dimns (mm) 370x540x300
Packed Weight (lbs) 31
Packed Weight (kg) 14
Complies with spec UL 197 / NSF
  • Perfect Cuban sandwich cuisine as well as English or Italian sandwiches.
  • These Anvil Toasters are designed for constant and robust use – the more you throw at them, the harder they work.
  • They are perfect for delis, bars, cafes and many other food service operators.
  • Efficient element design and high power output.
  • Deluxe models feature the options of adjustable top plate for a variety of food thickness and dual plate control.
  • By leaving the top plate up, the Toaster can also be used to cook and heat burgers, hot dogs, etc. and to grill a variety of foods.
  • Innovative new plates give improved performance.
  • Drip cup to catch excess grease.
  • Heat resistant handle.
  • Thermostat heat control to 300ºC (570ºF).

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Weight 31 lbs


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