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Semi-Automatic Model 800

The Lil’ Orbits Model 800 mini donut machine was designed to be a great alternative for smaller operations where space may be an issue.

  • Lightweight and portable – takes up less than 3 square feet of counter space and weighs only 37 pounds.
  • Completely speed controlled – control your output to match demand –up to 800 mini donuts per hour.
  • Can be used to make anything! Automatically drops up to four sizes of donuts, donut holes and loukoumathes — or remove the hopper and simply hand drop items into the fryer. More information about our quick change hopper system below.

SALE PRICE $2195 Plus fright $95

Quick Change Hopper System

By using our quick-change hopper system, the Model 800 will produce donuts in 4 different sizes, plus additional specialty items. Simply exchange the hopper bowl and piston combination to produce a different size.

Optional Cutters Available:

  • HP1200 Hopper produces mini donuts (1-5/8″ or 41mm diameter)
  • HP14S Hopper produces small donuts (2-1/4″ or 57mm diameter)
  • HP716S Hopper produces medium donuts (2-1/2″ or 63mm diameter)
  • HP916S Hopper produces large donuts (3″ or 76mm diameter)
  • DH1200 Hopper produces donut holes
  • LK1200 Hopper produces loukoumathe

Operation is simplicity itself!

  1. Fill fryer with shortening and set automatic temperature control to 375º
  2. Add water to Lil’ Orbits mix and pour into automatic hopper
  3. Switch on hopper drive and pump out about 24 mini-donuts
  4. Turn with our Handy Server utensil
  5. Lift out all at once with fry screen and repeat for next batch


  • Automatically make up to 800 high-profit mini-donuts per hour (simply add mix!)
  • Make anything. Allow the machine to automatically drop one of four sizes of donuts, donut holes and loukoumathes or drop hand cut items into the fryer.
  • Use as a universal fryer for all kinds of foods… french fries, egg rolls, breaded veggies, anything that needs to be fried. No modification needs to be made – simply push the donut hopper out of the way and drop items into oil.
  • Space saving. Takes up less than 3 square feet of counter space and weighs only 37 pounds.
  • Speed controlled. Control the output of your donuts to match demand — up to 800 high-profit mini-donuts per hour.
  • Convenient cooking. Items are dropped on top of a frying screen for easy removal and drying. Two screens are included with the machine.
  • Sanitary Plex-a-glass enclosure included with machine. Plex dimensions: 18″ H x 33″ W


Chassis: 27 1/2″ (69.85cm) W x 22″ (55.88cm) H x 18″ (45.72cm) D
Frying area: 12″ (30.48cm) W x 13″ H x 3 1/2″ D

Weight: Only 37 lbs (17kg)

Shortening Capacity: Approx 7lbs solid (1 gal liquid)

Electrical: 115 VAC, or 220-240 VAC, 60 Hz, 1800 Watts. Molded plug with ground. Temperature auto controlled. Heavy-duty switches for commercial operation.

Important information regarding power supply: Fitted with 5-20P NEMA plug, and should only be inserted into a receptacle rated at 5-20R. (Click link to view image of NEMA configuration).



Certified by ETL to NSF-4, UL-197 and CSA C22.2

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Weight 37 lbs

Lili Orbits

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