Range Electric Induction Range Counter Top Garland GIU 5.0

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Induction Range, electric, countertop, 5000 watts, 1-burner, ceramic glass surface, rotary power knob, auto-reset to last power level used, 60 second auto shut-down, LED power level display, 208v/60/3, NEMA 15-20P, 5.0 kw (Contact factory for price) (Garland)

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Model GIU-5.0

Induction Unit Baby Hob Base Line

Garland Induction Unit GIU 5.0 with a total rating of 5.0 kW. Built with a robust stainless steel casting with ceran ceramic glass work top. Compact powerful electronic system for years of reliable service. Overheat sensors to help prevent damage to unit if pan is run dry. Easy to operate system with rotary switch. Unit to come with integral cord and plug.

How Induction Works:
Although induction seems magical in how it works, there is a scientific explanation:


  • An alternating current in an induction coil produces an alternating magnetic field.
  • This magnetic field is instantly transferred and concentrated to the cooking vessel.
  • This concentrated magnetic energy in the cooking vessel causes it to heat up and start cooking.


Note: Induction cooking requires magnetic pots and pans to work effectively.

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GIU 5.0


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