Pre Owned used Combi Oven Convection 1500 watts microwave 402S

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Pre Owned – Cook high quality foods at speeds up to 15 times faster than conventional methods with the Merrychef 402S.



Accelerated Cooking up to 15 Times Faster

Cook high quality foods at speeds up to 15 times faster than conventional methods with the Merrychef® 402s.

A combination of convection heat, air impingement and up to 1500 watts of microwave power allows the 402s to cook 10-15 times faster than conventional convection ovens with typical cook times of 15 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds. And, a built-in catalytic converter eliminates the need for a ventilation hood so the oven can operate in virtually any environment.

The heating pattern inside the oven minimizes the areas where grease can build-up, allowing food to cook evenly to produce a crisp, golden finish. With the unique Merrychef design, theMerrychef 402s can use standard metal baking sheets, eliminating the need for special cookware and handling.

The 402s comes with the Merrychef MenuKey® technology as standard. Precise instructions for combination and convection cooking of selected items may be programmed into the oven’s memory. The oven controls offer even greater flexibility with multi-stage programming.  Each program offers up to six stages, each with its own time, fan speed and microwave power settings.

Just a few of the key benefits to using Merrychef 402s are listed below:

  • Guaranteed perfect product quality results every time!
  • Money saving unit
  • Lifetime operational costs minimized
  • Improved safety
  • Nework of service and support
  • Energy savings – testing has demonstrated that Merrychefovens consume less energy overall than competitor’s ovens…..

Accelerate your service, expand your menu, generate sales, manage labor, optimize space, and improve profitability! Just what you’d expect from the world’s leading supplier and manufacturer of Accelerated Cooking Technology®… Merrychef.

"Accelerated cooking allows us to cook on demand and dramatically reduce waste." Andrew Taft, Offer & Product Manager, Sodexho

Merrychef products are used throughout the World, across a wide variety of market segments and applications. In partnership with major food manufacturers and hot food retailers, Merrychef is constantly investing in research and development. Merrychef LTD, with headquarters and ISO 9001 approved manufacturing facilities in Aldershot, Hampshire, UK, is an operating company of Manitowoc Foodservice. Merrychef USA is based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.



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