Potato Cuber French Fries rg400i super automatic super fast

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SALE PRICES – $10,800

plus 1 slicing Blade $485

1 Dicing Grid $565

Total $11.850 plus budget for $350 to $400 delivery  

1) Push Feeder Attachment / Standard Set up
Base machine, food cylinder B and Push Down Feed Attachment (most common configuration)
Price is around $13,300

2) Bowl Hopper Configuration – 

Base Machine, food cylinder A and Large Bowl Hopper –
Continuous Feed configuration –  Price is around $14,250

3) 4-Tube Insert Configuration / Base Machine, food cylinder B and 4-Tube Insert –
Used primarily for cutting coin type cuts or bunches of vegetables –
Price is around $13,350
Most people purchase number 1 and get the 4-Tube Insert as an accessory –
(The 4-Tube Insert by itself is $1,695)

4) Pneumatic Push Feeder Attachment Configuration – Base machine, food cylinder B and Pneumatic push feed attachment –
Used for harder products like cheese, cabbage and carrots,
Price is around $16,400
(Pneumatic attachment can be purchased separately for $5,695)

Videos on the IFP:

IFP-5000 video using Bowl Hopper to dice Potatoes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CryVuHtjuPo

Carrot Slicing: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qyta3kzy0thqc23/fcs_4_carrot.wmv?dl=0

Shredding Lettuce: https://www.dropbox.com/s/na74ovj01sjze93/fcs_2_cabbage.wmv?dl=0

There are over 70 blades to choose from.  Depending on type and size of blades here are some "sample" prices – prices may vary:

Slicing Blade – $365 (many different sizes – see info sheet)
Julienne Blade – $400 "
Shredding Blade – $365 "
Dicing Grid – $595


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