Pig Rotisserie Jumbo Grill 90 lbs

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Now you can enjoy the art of cooking a whole 90 pounds pig rotisserie or grilled without having to worry about the roast with our new State of The Art Jumbo Grill and Rotisserie.

This spectacular and innovative BBQ also reduces up to 70% the roasting time, it’s an excellent choice for commercial use.

It is a professional BBQ with outstanding features that makes it unique and different from all currently on the market. Created in the United States by mechanical engineers with over 20 years of experience, it was designed to play the role of bbq and oven at the same time with temperature control.
The "jumbo grill and Rotisserie" works first lighting the three drivers, which in turn are responsible for burner ignites.

2 sizes to choose


A1- Sale price $4795 plus fright 

A2 – Sale price $5395 plus fright 



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