Pasta Cooker Gas IPC14 Imperial $2995

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Pasta Cooker, gas, single tank, 12 gallon water capacity, 1-1/4" drain, stainless steel, 105,000 BTU, 31kW

Sale Price $2995

the Imperial Pasta Cooker includes a water wash system, which removes the starch evenly across the surface of the water and reduces foaming.

The design enables heat to be transferred evenly throughout the vessel and the 16-gauge 317 alloy stainless steel allows for stronger concentrations of salt in the water for faster pasta preparation without boiling the water to compromise flavour. 

The tube design and water wash systems also create a convection action to recirculate fresh hot water into the vessel, while a manual timer or computer controls are available to give chefs a helping hand in the kitchen. 

Imperial Pasta Cooker



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