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Oil Filtration System 
Washing your fryer and washing your oil is now simple and easy with the Zeco Pro Series.
Simply drain your fryer and watch as the reusable ZECO 300 Micron Stainless Steel pre filter screen captures all suspended particulates as well as all deep fryer sediment that has built up in the fryer after a period of fry time.
Other prescreen micron sizes are available for your restaurants requirements
Primary Metal Material
Aluminum type 3003 ( 70% Recycled Content)
Stainless Steel – Type 304
Machine Operating Temperatures
Max. Operating Temperature: Unit will withstand 300+ F
Suggested Safe Operating Temperature: 120 F
Machine Dimensions (Fully Assembled)
40.0 Inches
21.0 Inches
25.0 Inches
Power Supply
AC Only
110V AC input
No Battery / No AC/DC
1/3-HP Electric Motor 7-Amps
NSF Approved Gear Pump
Pump Flow Rate
5 Gallons Per Minute (unobstructed)
Tank Capacity
69.2 pounds to bottom of 300 Micron Screen
88.0 pounds Maximum level to safe level of 300 Micron Screen
Stainless Steel 300 Micron Pre-Screen
Pad Filtration Optional – 20 to 5 micron sizes available
Base Frame Cart Wheels
2 – 8”x1.75” ball bearing wheels rear & 2 – 2” caster wheels front
Shipping Weights
Box #1
Tank & Cart
81 LBS.
Box #2
Handle Assembly
53 LBS.
Oil Out & Backflush Feature Standard Option
Limited Time Offer
$2,995.00  (it comes with 100 oil filters, free)
Each additional case of Oil filters
(100 per case) $250 per box

FREIGHT to Miami $175.

Zeco 20 micron filters:  $325.00  – 100 per bag.   
Importent Information:

1)      This is a HEAVY DUTY oil filtration machine cleaning down to 20 microns.

2)      It TRANSPORTS the oil to the disposal tank.  NO MORE buckets.

3)      While you are filtering you can also clean the fryer at the same time.  This saves LOTS of time.

4)      DOUBLE filtration.  The 20 micron filter can be reused (usually 2-3 cleanings per filter).  Sometimes (3-5 times).  DEPENDS how dirty is the oil.

5)      BACKFLUSH button.  (This is VERY important).  Client doesn’t know how important until he has the machine.  This allows you to clean the filter from inside the tank while cleaning EXTENDING the life of the filter.

6)      Can clean MANY fryers in a row without stopping.  4 or 8 or 12 fryers in one restaurant not a problem. 
Zeco Eco is very powerful and it has DOUBLE filtration, & it transports the oil to the disposal tank in back of restaurant. 

Use same filter many times before you change.

With Zeco Eco you can PUMP oil into disposal tank at back of restaurant.

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