MIXER COMMERCIAL Dough Mixer 20 quarts

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USA-20 $1395
USA-30  $4295
USA-60 $6995
USA-80 $7995

FOB New York 
USA-60 model mixer is a heavy duty 60 quart mixer which
features a 5 horsepower motor, a timer and a # 12 attachment hub, with the use of bowl adapters and special agitators. 
USA-80 model mixer is a medium duty 80 quart mixer designed primarily for use in general kitchen applications. This mixer features a timer and # 12 attachment hub as standard equipment and is powered by a 5 horsepower motor. 
USA-80 mixer is heavy duty 80 quart mixer which features a 5 horsepower motor, a timer and a #12 attachment hub, with the use of bowl adapters & special agitators. 
ELECTRICITY- 208/220/240 – single phase or 3 phase  
-Stainless Steel Bowl 
-Dough Hook 
-Flat Beater 
-Wire Whip 
-Bowl Dolly 
-Cheese Grater Attachment 
-Meat Grinder Attachment 
-Vegetable Shedder Attachment

F e a t u r e s  a n d  S n e c i f i  c a t i o n s :

Switch:  Magnetic  type,  with  low-voltage  and

automatic  resetting  bimetallic  thermal  overload

p r o t e c t i o n   i n t e r n a l l y   m o u n t e d .   S t a r t – b t o p .  p u s h

buttons  which  prevent  accidental  strrt-up’in  the

event of a power  failure.

Transmission:  All  Attias  Mixer  shafts and  gears on

t h e   t w o   a n d   f o u r   s p e e d   t r a n s m i s s i o n   a r e

manufactured  for  durability  and  quite,  dependable

service.  All  of  the gears are made from  low  carbon

AISI  grade  8620 steel.  This  steel is carburized  and

h a r d e n e d  t o  p r o d u c e  a  w e a r  r e s i s t a n t  s u r f a c e  t h a t  i s

60  to  62  Rockwell


in  hardness.  This  process

y i e l d s  s u p e r i o r  w e a r  r e s i s t a n c e  w h i l e   m a i n t a i n i n g  a

softer  inner  core  to  prevent  breakage  under  high

torque  mixing  applications.

To  maintain  quite  operation,  the  gears  have  been

designed with  angled  or  helical  teeth.  This  design

keeps more  teeth in  mesh on  any  two  mating  gears

during  operation.  This  increases the  load  carrying

capability  and allows smoother, quieter  operation.

In  many  mixer  gear  trains,  the  idler  gears  (which

simply  rotate  in a steel shaft) are made with  no inner

diameter  bushings.  All  Attias  idler  gears are bushed

to  1/16d  thick  Oilite  bronze  bushings.  These

bushings  are  made  from  a  special  bronze  material

that  is  impregnated  with  oil.  This  design  allows

smoother  quieter  operation  with  less  wear  and

longer life.

Lubrication:  Circulating  oil  lubrication  furnished

to all gears. Visual  type transmission  oil level gauge.

fulgfu  Automotive-resin  acrylic  enamel.


Model#  USA-30:

30-quart  heara-duty  two  speed transrnission  with  2

HP-motor  specially  designed  for  heavy  pizza  and

bagel dough with  lower  gear ratios for  more torque.

2HP  (USA-30)  and  2HP  (USA-30)  is  high-torque,

ball  bearing  ventilated  with  mixer  enclosure.  The

single-phase mixer  is  designed  with  two  capacitor

starts.  Available  in  standard  electrical  specification

o f 2 0 8 – 1  o r  1 1 5 – V o l t s  6 0 I I z . , l   P H  a n d   5 0  c y c l e s  f o r

international  use (call manufacturer  for  price).




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