Merchandiser 2 Glass Door Refrigerator Cooler 36 cu ft

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ote: This item is ETL Sanitation Listed and conforms to NSF-7 standards, but is not NSF listed, please consult your local health department about requirements. 

All Tor-Rey Refrigeration comes with an extremely limited one-year warranty covering parts only. Please review the entire Manufacturer Warranty for exact coverage details. This unit also comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty on the compressor. 

This item is brand new and ships directly from the manufacturer. 

Item: 36 Cu.Ft Merchandising Display Cooler W/ Double Hinged Glass Doors 

Model: R-36


  • Capacity: 36 cubic feet / 890 liters
  • Doors: Self-Closing, Triple Pane
  • Temperature Range: 32°F to 41°F
  • Refrigerant: R-134a
  • Voltage: 120v / 60 Hz
  • HP: 1/2
  • Digital Temperature Controls
  • External Dimensions: 54in H x 28.3in D x 80in H
  • Interior Dimensions: 48.25in W x 22.5in D x 52.4in H 


  • The white painted interior and exterior of the unit provides an attractive, clean look, which adds to your product presentation. The cooler comes standard with 5 adjustable shelves and removable clips, so you can choose the desired setting of each level. The stainless steel floor allows for an additional level of exhibition and adds to the ease of cleaning the interior of the unit.
  • The cooler is sold standard with an illuminated sign panel for an attractive exhibition of your store name or product advertising. The illuminated sign also has a built in digital temperature control. This allows for ease of adjusting to the desired temperature for the operator and also designates defrost timing automatically.
  • The unit is known for its low energy consumption due to its triple pane glass and thick walls filled with high density polyurethane. The torsion bar system installed in the doors allows for self-closing doors, which is an added benefit to help as much cold air remain inside of the unit and reduce the compressor’s efforts. 
  • The unit offers an evaporative condensation pan, which eliminates plumbing. This simply means that no drain or additional plumbing is required. The frontal cover on the bottom of the cooler is easily removable. This allows for easy maintenance of the condensing unit and also cleaning underneath the unit. 


    Tor-Rey Refrigeration, Inc. requires us to inform our customers of the following;
    It is your sole responsibility to ensure that the product is received in good condition, unpack, properly locate, provide for professional, proper installation and ensure that the product is in good working order. It is also your sole responsibility to be properly trained on the use of, and to know the basic care and maintenance of the product. Failure to comply will void the Manufacturer’s Warranty.

    This item weighs 518 lbs. but we have added 32 lbs. to the weight for packing and shipping.


    R36 Refrigerator

    MODEL R36
    CAPACITY 36 ft3 1006lt
    OPERATING RANGE 0 ° C to 5 ° C
    Steel prepainted white. 
    bedroom stainless steel.
    EXTERIOR FINISH Galvanized and prepainted white
    RACKS 8 Steel
    DOORS 2 Swing
    HANDLES 2 Plastics
    INSULATION High Density Polyurethane
    COOLING Forced Air
    LIGHTING Fluorescent
    VOLTS 120 V / 60 Hz
    (F x P x A)




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