Meat Grinder 1.5 HP Electric Anvil MIN0022

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ANVIL – Meat Grinder No. 22 110V – [ MIN0022 ]
Voltage (V) 110
Power (HP) 1.5
Production (lbs/hr) 440
Blade Speed (rpm) 170
Dimensions (inches) 25 x 16 x 19
Packed Weight (lbs) 110
Meat Grinder No.22

Anvil’s Meat Grinders are noted for their exceptional reliability and attractive, compact design. The No. 12 features a 3/4 HP motor, enabling 220lbs of meat to be ground per hour and is perfect for butcheries and supermarkets. Simply plug and grind your way to financial success. The No. 22 is intended for more heavy-duty food processing applications. The 1.5HP motor grinds 440lbs of meat per hour. Grinder knives and plates are also available.

  • Complete stainless steel body, head and tray.
  • Strict compliance with hygiene and safety standards.
  • Reliable under the most demanding conditions.
  • Energy efficient motor and precision gear drive.
  • Company size; no sharp corners or seams.
  • Attractive design suitable for any open kitchen or supermarket.
  • Forward and reverse switch.

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