Manual Salad Spinner Salad Dryer Lettuce Dryer 2.5 gl

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E002 – Manual Salad Spinner

Salad Spinner, manual, small, 18"H x 13" diameter, dries up to 2-4 heads of lettuce, capacity 2.5 gallons, (cover assembled) 

Ref : E001

Dries up to 4 heads of lettuce

Sale $165.00 plus fright 


Make Fresh Crips salad Everytime





  1. Solid handle
  2. System of gears very strong
  3. Sanitation certified


Diameter : 330 mm/13"
Total height : 420 mm/18"
Weight : 2,4 kg/5 lbs


To be able to extract water from leaf lettuce and various vegetables

In order to ensure longer life for your salad spinner (more specifically the gears) we suggest you follow these simple yet imperative guidelines for correct operation:

1- Start off slowly, when turning the handle of the salad spinner. This will prevent unnecessary strain on the gears.

2- Never stop the unit from spinning by grabbing the handle of the salad spinner. This will cause enormous strain on all the gears, and will eventually damage them.

3- Should you wish to stop the basket from the spinning sooner lift the entire lid from the spinner and stop the inside basket. This will not cause damage to your unit. As the gears are located inside the lid.


As with all food service equipment, proper care and cleaning procedures are essential for your Salad Spinner to offer you many years of satisfaction.

1- To clean simply remove the top and inner basket from the outside container. Wash all three components thoroughly with a mild liquid soap. Powder or crystal soaps are not recommended. Rinse with hot water as to remove all soap residues. Let dry. This process should be done after each usage in either a pot sink or wash basin.


3- DO NOT OVERLOAD THE SALAD SPINNER. Do not exceed manufacturer’s recommendation for maximum capacity.

4- Do not use the salad spinner for any purpose other than its intended use.

Salad Spinner/ Dryer Model E002

E002- Salad Spinner, manual, 21"H x 17" diameter, dries up to 6-8 heads of lettuce, capacity 5 gallons, (cover unassembled)

$195.00 plus fright


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Weight 5 lbs


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