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$6.95 for a loaf 1lb 8 oz bread  /22 slices /1 oz per slice loaf

minimum of three packs of bread or bagel of the same flavor

 Blueberry, plain, pumpernickel, sesame, rye, Molti Grain, cinnamon, onion, plain


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Original Recipe (see attached lab report) The first one is 7 carb 7 fiber zero with 7 gram of protein. New & Improved Bagel Or Bread With……

The other is 7 carb 7 fiber 11 gram of protein with flax seeds( omega oil, they are baked at a lower temp to maintain and preserve the omega oils) amino acids,11gram of protein and all the mineral, vitamins recommended by the FDA but this product is dairy. None Dairy Is Available, but it will be 7 grams of protein instead of 11 grams.



For MFG Wholesale Prices Pack 16 bags to a case (96 bagels) Based On 5 to 25 Case Minimum.Please Call 305.491.1326 

Why low-carb diets work

Low-carbohydrate diets are the current “in” method used to shed pounds and reveal those muscles you’ve worked hard to gain. But how much stock is there in all these low-carb diets that you see everywhere? And will they be any more beneficial to helping you shed that layer of fat?

Understanding the principles behind low-carb dieting will help you determine whether this diet approach is right for you. To help you make that decision, we’ll take a look at why low-carb dieting works, the drawbacks of low-carb dieting and how you should adapt your training while on a low-carb diet.

why low-carb diets work

Water weight loss

When most people begin low-carb dieting, they’ll initially see a significant change on the scale. This really sparks some excitement in them since they think that they’ve finally found that “miracle cure” to shedding excess body fat. While this is a good thing for motivation and for program adherence, it’s important to realize that much of the initial weight loss of a low-carb diet is due to water being flushed out of the system.

As the muscle glycogen is depleted (since you’re taking in fewer carbs than you were previously), water will also be depleted. By understanding this process, you will then not get as discouraged when the rate of weight loss slows the following week. Recognize that while this new weight loss may be slower, it is more representative of true weight loss — weight loss that is much more likely to stay off.

Likewise, with this same principle, realize that after you have obtained your goal with the diet, and should you decide to abandon it for a more moderate carbohydrate approach, you could see some temporary water weight come back as your body adjusts. Once again, give this a few days and things should normalize.

Hunger control

The next reason that makes people find success with low-carb dieting is that many will find that hunger becomes almost nonexistent. Because carbohydrates typically promote the greatest response to insulin, which then causes you to be hungry once it falls, removing them from your diet will help you control insulin levels and really keep hunger at bay.

Furthermore, if you drop your intake of carbohydrates to really low levels (5% of total calories or less), you could move into a state called ketosis (a state in which your body moves from using carbohydrates as a fuel source to using fat instead), which is an incredibly powerful mechanism for avoiding hunger. Do note that some individuals find that they don’t feel well when they reach ketosis and as such, carbohydrates should not reach levels that are that low.

Fewer food choices

Last, but not least, low-carb dieting works really well because people are forced to remove many of the typical foods that people tend to binge on. Things like pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, and bagels will all be removed from the diet, and as a result you’ll take in fewer calories.

Obviously, this can be offset if you dig into a huge 12-ounce steak every night, but as long as you are smart about your meat and fat selection, the diet is quite simple.

low-carbin’ it

So, if you are looking to try out this popular method of dieting, It really can be a great way to lose body fat as long as you plan your meals properly and don’t go to extremes.  

Dear Value Customers:Our company manufactures our own recipes. We have been in business for over 12 years. During this time we have manufactured our product under private labels for distributors. The general public has never had the chance to purchase our product directly from us. Instead trough retail stores. Now, due to our nation economic distress, we have decided to help the customers by selling our products at a lesser price than our current product on the market. Our products are all natural, and our nutritional information is laboratory tested with the new FDA standards. The use of added fiber to include but not limited to soy fiber, wheat fiber, inulin, maltodextrin, guar gum, ect. will increased fiber content. The carbohydrate content is also increased and the net carb will be the same. Most products on the market today will only add the fiber content to fiber and not increasing the carbs. Using this wrongful method will give an inaccurate net carb. Our product have less than .22 percent carbs (less than 1/2 percent) we add extra fiber to increase the fiber and carb content. Example, our plain dough baked has 6 carbohydrate and 6g fiber per ounce. We add up to 2 natural fiber extracts increasing  it to 8 carbohydrates and 8g fiber not 6 carb and 8g fiber. Most company used fiber additives to decrease their net carbs. Unfortunately, the federal government has not cracked down on these unscrupulous practices. We stand behind on our products and guarantee our product. A regular customer can analyze this finding by just looking at the ingredients and notice that most of the flour containing the current product have to much carb and small amounts of fiber to yield a 3 and less net carb. Raisins have sugar and increases carb count. Even if the product is sprouted flour, organic or natural will have close to the same carb count. Most bread with wheat flour or whole wheat flour will yield a minimum of 6 net carbs. Dry whole wheat flour content is about 21 net carb (1 fiber gram). Highest Protein content is found in whey protein, caisein, soy protein, wheat protein, eggs, ECT. The higher the protein content on bread product will result in rubber bread (chewing gum) with a nasty bitter taste. This will not increase the carb count but will change some nutritional values. Increase calories/fat, cholesterol, sodium, ECT. We have experimented with increasing protein but the result will end with a rubber, bitter and hard crust bread. We used nut in the past but it will increase the net carb. The biggest issue was the price. Almond flour will run above six dollar a pound with about 3g net carb with 6g protein per ounce. Where is the profit? Unfortunately, manufactures will add less expensive flour and use the the same nutritional information. Our plain dough has the actual nutritional laboratory tested. We send it twice, six plain loaves to a laboratory worldwide and nationally recognized, owned by general mills. We had an actual sample analyzed not a cold reading. Most manufactures will use dry ingredient only not actual product. The cold/dry reading will give up to 70 percent accuracy. We add small portion to our flavor product to have a more selective variety for our customer. The nutritional can have a small change in the nutritional information. The FDA usually allows up to 10 percent discrepancy on carbohydrate. But will not tolerate denying the actual sugar content. For example, adding raisins which are over 60 percent sugar. Sodium, low fat/low calories discrepancy is major factor in consumer fraud. We only use sucrolose/splenda (zero calories and sugar) on cinnamon flavor product only. Sugar alcohol has a tendency to cause digestive discomfort. We stay away from sugar alcohol in the bread department. Manufactures used sugar alcohol to disguise the net carb by subtracting the sugar alcohol added and adding fiber extract. Instead of Total carb to include sugar carb with the added fiber carb, then subtract sugar alcohol and fiber. We hope that this has increased your knowledge to assist you in purchasing your baked products in the future. For more information on any nutritional information please contact us. We will do our best to answer your questions without compromising our recipes.


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