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STEAM SURFACE HEATING – Griddle Steam Shell – 3 ft. steam griddle with (2) 18” steam shell lids

The cooking surface on a Steam Shell Griddle operates on the basic principle that steam transfers heat faster and more efficiently than any other method. Therefore, circulating steam beneath the griddle plate is used to heat the cooking surface, not electric elements or gas burners that can cause temperatures to fluctuate by up to 100°F on the griddle surface, causing burning and irregular cook times.

Exterior Dimensions – 36”W x 34”D x 23.5”H  
Griddle Surface – 35.8”W x 26.5”D
Electrical Specifications – 208-240V / 3 PH / 60Hz
Griddle Surface Heat – Amps 41.2 @ 208V / 47.3 @ 240V
Griddle Surface Heat – Watts – 15,750 @ 208V / 19,500 @ 240V
Steam Injection Heat – Amps 21.9 @ 208V / 25.3 @ 240V
Steam Injection Heat – Watts 8,745 @ 208V / 10,500 @ 240V
TOTAL AMPERAGE: 63.1 @ 208V / 72.6 @ 240V
Accessories/Options: – 3 ft. Cutting Board Attachment  $325
The second component of Steam Shell technology comes from our patented lid system. For years cooks have covered products with pans in an effort to retain moisture and decrease cook times with the creation of steam under the pan. While this method has proven to be fairly effective, it’s also very inconsistent and awkward. The Steam Shell Griddle has advanced upon this grilling method by creating a consistent and practical means of grilling with steam, and eliminating all of the guesswork. Steam is consistently dispersed above the food causing it to condense directly on it, locking in natural moisture and eliminating the risk of overcooking or drying out. Plus, being able to cook from both sides means cook times can be cut in half and food gets to your customer in record time.





All of our griddles have their griddle plate heated by steam.  The boiler which creates the steam for the cooking surface is a sealed system and doesn’t need any additional water or drain lines.  With all GRD model griddles which have steam shell lids there is a secondary steam generator which creates the steam which is injected below the lids when they are lowered onto the cooking surface.  This lid steam generator requires a water and drain line connection.  With all of our GRD models, American Griddle supplies the following:


–  Water filtration system, Model Opti Pure FXI-11 (see the attached Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual).  Your plumber will be responsible for the installation of this system in your building.  Please ensure your plumber follows all of the installation steps included with the attached manual.  Failure to do so could result in the filter system not performing correctly which in turn could void any warranty.


–  10 ft. of ¼” stainless steel braided water line.  This water line is connected to the back of the GRD griddle (see the attached Installation/Operation Manual for the American Griddle) and to the water filter system.  American Griddle will supply the connectors to attach the water line to the griddle as well as to the filter system.  Your plumber is responsible for completing this installation.


–  10 ft. of 3/8” PVC drain line.  This drain line will need to be connected to the back of the GRD griddle (see attached manual).  Your plumber will be responsible for the install of the drain line.  American Griddle will supply the connectors used to  attach the drain line to the griddle.



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