Falafel Machine SG4255 Automatic NSF $2995





Full Automatic Falafel Machine. falafelmfg.com – $160.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Our Falafel Machines can be used with any fryer to make the perfect Falafel. It produces two Falafels balls per turn thus 120 Falafel balls per minute. Our Falafel Machines can make Falafel ball making a breeze. It is fast and efficient. You can set the number of balls needed and leave it do it’s thing. After the required amount is complete the machine will stop.

Productivity – Generates 120 Falafel Balls per minute. You can choose the number of Falafel needed.

Universal- Works with any fryer. You can use Our Falafel Machines with any fryer. It can be put on the right hand side of the fryer- left hand side of a fryer or even adapt to an oil pot on top of a range. Your Own Fryer-

Use your own fryer thus save of space. Our Falafel Machines can be used with any type of fryer.

Easy of Cleaning- All parts are made out of 304 Stainless Steel and are removable for easy of cleaning.

Simple Operation- Our Falafel Machines is very simple to use. Power the machine and simply with a press of a button you are making falafel balls.

NSF- This machine is build to NSF standards. Power: 110V



120.00 LBS


$160.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

echnical Data

Motor 400 Watts

Length 27 inches, 11 ¼ inches depth, 20 3/8 inches height.

Digital Control

110V-60Hrtz 5 Amps

U.S. Plug UL Listed.

Unit Weight 55LBS

NSF– This machine is build to NSF standards.

One Year Parts Warranty.


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