Food Meat Cheese Slicer 13 inch Automatic Gear Drive

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Food Meat Cheese Slicer 13 inch Automatic Gear Drive 

Two Speed Automatic Frozen Meat Slicer, 40 & 60 strokes/minute, 13" dia. serrated knife, s/s construction, antimicrobial protection, knife cvr interlock, high-performance gear drive system, EZ-Glide™ table, gear thickness adjustment, lift lever, 1/2 Hp, ETL, NSF, 115/60/1, 7 amps

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3600PF and 3850PF Frozen Meat Slicers
• 13" serrated knife easily slices frozen meat
• High performance gear drive ensures peak operating
   performance for this type of tough slicing application
• 3600PF is a manual slicer
• 3850PF is a two speed automatic slicer
Standard Features of Globe’s P Series Slicers
• 13" hardened steel alloy hollow ground knife
• Gear driven knife
• 1/2 HP, 7 amp, 115/60/1 motor
• Stainless steel construction
• Built in antimicrobial protection
• Dual gear slice thickness adjustment
• EZ-Glide™ adjustable slicing table
• Open base design
• Knife cover interlock
• One step knife sharpening system
• Permanently attached knife ring guard
• Full gravity feed, 45° angle
• 3 lb. stainless steel end weight
• Cleaning brace (auto slicers – cleaning lift lever)
• ETL, NSF listed and CSA approved


The Best Meat Slicer Just Got Better!

P Series Commercial Meat Slicers

Are you looking for a meat and cheese slicer that will improve your product yield, provides superior sanitation and cleanability, has a smooth effortless slicing stroke, and is proven to be the best for reliable performance?  If the answer is yes, then Globe’s new P Series heavy duty slicers are the BEST choice for you!

Clean Cuts and Longer Knife Life – 13" PreciseEdge™ Knife

Globe’s special hardened steel alloy 13" knife holds a sharp cutting edge better and longer than stainless steel blades.  The result is a precise clean cut and extended life knife.  For more…

Reliable Performance – Premium Gear Drive System
Gear Drive of Globe P Series SlicersThis powerful gear drive design is proven when it comes to reliable performance.  With Globe’s gear drive system there is no need for maintenance calls to adjust or replace.  For more…
Effortless Slicing – EZ-Glide™ Adjustable Slicing Table
EZ-Glide Adjustable Slicing Table of Globe P Series SlicersWith 83% less food contact surface Globe’s specially designed table reduces friction for minimal product drag, resulting in a smooth gliding motion.  For more…
Improved Product Yield – Gear Slice Thickness Adjustment
Dual Gear Slice Thickness Adjust of Globe P Series SlicersGlobe’s exclusive gear design ensures uniform slice thickness even tissue thin.  This results in higher product yield, reduced waste, and increased profits.  For more…
Exceptional Cleaning Accessibility – 58% More Clearance
More Base Clearance of Globe P Series SlicersCleaning time is drastically reduced due to Globe’s new open space base design.  The areas around the knife have been expanded to allow operators easy access for cleaning.  For more…
Superior Sanitation – Stainless Steel and Antimicrobial Protection
Stainless Steel Construction of Globe P Series SlicersAchieve exceptional sanitation with Globe’s stainless steel construction, which is the ideal surface for food prep equipment.  Globe also has antimicrobial protection built into all knobs and handles.  For more…
Fast and Efficient Sharpening – One-Step Sharpening System
Metal Knife Sharpener of Globe P Series SlicersGlobe’s sharpener is permanently attached and is ready to use at any time. Simply lift it into position and return a razor sharp edge to your knife. When not in use the stones are completely covered and free of food debris.  For more…

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