Flower Cart Carriages Kiosk PEDDLERS Cart $1995


#1-Wooden PEDDLERS Cart

The Peddlers Cart is perfect for displaying anything from merchandise to vending concessions. This product is a full size heavy duty wooden cart that is hand made of quality red cedar. All metal parts are powder coated black for durability. The canopy cover can be made to fit your theme or company’s colors. The Peddlers Cart can be adapted to any location. Its attractive appearance pulls attention to it, and ultimately, your products. It can hold up to 400 pounds. It is equipped with 30" wheels that are completely movable.

Most wagons and carts are fully assembled, less wheels. However some models require a few procedures such as driving a few screws or lags. This is to help reduce damage during transit. Assembly for each product can be seen on their individual pages.

Wood Choice

Red Cedar

Sale Price $1995 plus fright

Canopy Is Stock Green any custom color add $150

Sealed Treated Wood Add $250

Lights in Canopy Add  $250

Intermediate Shelf Add $85

Rubber Foam Wrapped Wheels Add $35

Assembled Dimensions

Length x Width x Height 82 ½" x 38" x 84"

Inside Box Dimensions Length x Width x Height 58" x 24" x 16 ½"


Some Assembly Required

Assembly includes attaching canopy posts and canopy top. Attaching surround shelf brackets. Tipping cart back and installing springs and front leg assembly into predrilled holes. Attaching wheels to cart.



Any other color canopy add $150

About Our Wood


Treated Wood $250 on all 3 sizes 

Treated wood carts and wagons are burnt to give them a rustic touch. No two wagons are alike when using this method. Treated wood has arsenic and copper contained in the treament. We HIGHLY recommend that if you are going to plant anything in a treated wood wagon or cart, that a Filter/Overflow Kit is used to make sure no aresenic will leach into the soil. Please keep in mind that the black "char" from the burnt treated wood may rub off onto anything at first if rubbed up against. 

Sealing Wood – Food Safe / Weather Protection 

We offer the option of sealing your wagon or cart to be food safe. It will be completely coated even underneath all brackets. This is to protect the wood from food if applicable, weather, or anything else. This option can be requested for an additional fee. 



3 sizes to choose from:

The sizes of the carts are as follows:    

Largest Peddlers cart        84 inches long          37 5/8 inches wide      84 inches high

Medium Peddlers Cart       66 inches long          37 5/8 inches wide      75 inches high

Small Peddlers Cart         53 inches long          33 inches wide            58 inches high

The large cart is big enough to have the 48 inch canopy lights. The other ones will not accept the lights. The bows for the smallest one is a special and would take some time to get them around.



Additional information


Frontier Carriages Fabtron Corp

Model #

Peddlers car


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