Floral case TOM-40F

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Excellent Cooling Performance
Our products keep a stable temperature through out the unit, even under heavy use.
Tasteful and Modern Appearance
The design of our products is one of our top priorities.
Turbo Air Floral Cases will compliment the look of your operation. All Turbo Air Floral Cases have an
anti-rust coating on the exterior, and a modern appearance.
Double Pane Glass Doors with a Heat Reflecting Film
(TGM-48RF, TGM-69RF)
Our refrigerator doors are unique compared to other display refrigerators. We use a double pane glass system with a layer of patented, transparent, thermal insulating film applied between the two glass layers.
Our two-pane system offers a superior insulation without the heavy weight of a triple pane system.
Less weight means less door roller wear, less overall door maintenance, and easy door operation.
Self-closing Doors (TGM-48RF, TGM-69RF)
Every Turbo Air multi-door display refrigerators feature our exclusive magic close door design with
a stay open feature.
Simple Maintenance | TGM-48RF |
Our products are engineered with maintenance in mind. All refrigeration systems are on slide out rails to make maintenance and service easier.
Our internal systems are positioned for easy access and repair. | TGM-69RF |
Complete Interior Lighting
Strategically placed, safely shielded, fluorescent light ensures that all of your flowers will be adequately illuminated for maximum display effect.
Engineered for Energy Savings
Turbo Air Floral Cases keep your flowers fresh without costing you a fortune in electricity.
Our compressors are highly efficient and quiet. Our refrigerator walls are insulated with a high-density,
closed cell, expanded polyurethane foam, which offers a high insulation factor. All of these features add
up to a quicker pull-down time, less compressor run time, and greater savings on electricity!
Fully Adjustable Wire Shelves
Our fully adjustable wire shelves are made from heavy gauge metal wire,
specially treated and layered with a non-corrosive coating.
Model Slide Doors CU./FT. #of
HP BTU/h AMPS Weight L D H
TOM-40F   14.7 2 3/4 8,200 (HBP) 10.7 507 36 * 27.1 * 77.9

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Weight 507 lbs

Turbo Air

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