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Efficiency – No labor or equipment needed for preparation of mixture, savings on labor of staff and space No overnight soaking, rinsing and washing chick peas  No waste of ingredients – making small batches for matching customer demand and freshness Consistency – Same results time and time again 
Freshness – make multiple small batches of mixture instead of one daily amount causes loss of taste 
Simple system – Easy to use – No need to order and manage inventory of multiple ingredients.  One item to stock with no need for cold storage!      
Cost saving – Prep work requires least trained employees (cashier can easily do the prep work) 
Space saver – crucial for small locations or tight kitchens.  No mixer or storage of ingredients  
Gluten Free  No added flour or bread crumbs

*VEGAN / Vegetarian

Accurate food cost calculation – single ingredient, with no end of day of day waste – Long Shelf Life

Meets Off-Site needs – Catering, Camps/ camp sites, festivals, concerts, etc.   
Product quality – the mix is produced in a modern production certified with the highest quality standards

And, most importantly, this product is a premium and tasty and could only be found at the best Falafel & Vegan Restaurants.


FALAFEL MIX – The weight is 22Lbs. Net

After mixing with water the weight is 49.5Lbs of falafel mixture which equates to 1,300 Falafel Balls sized at 34mm in diameter (size of balls made by the machine).

The Machine will drop 36 balls at a time

Fry Time is about 3 Minutes per batch Or 850 per Hour (The Semi Automatic Falafel Machine SA10 can be set to drop from 1 falafel ball to 36 falafel balls at a time)

Cost Per Case $125.00 Free Delivery

Cost Per 1 falafel Ball is about 10 cents 

1 Case Will Make About 320 Sandwiches



Option: Custom Stand – $795 if needed 

See Link – http://www.tamirson.com/product_info.php?products_id=4801

Salad Bar

Buffet Display Self Serve Refrigerated Salad Bar JBT-48

 Sale Price $1895.00


See Link –  http://www.tamirson.com/product_info.php?products_id=4954


 Dicer – Salad Machine – $375

Vegetable Dicer Israeli Salad Machine Dynacube Dynamic Manual Di



 SEE LINK – http://www.tamirson.com/product_info.php?products_id=3582

 Tachina Base For Sauce  

Tachina Base Comes in 40Lbs. Buckets will make about 120 Lb Of Tachina sauce at about 50 cents per Lb / 3 oz serving per sandwiche- Vegan Product $85 Per Tub 

Total Starter Cost

Sami Automatica With Fryer $4995

Stand $795 

Salad Bar 36" $1895

Dicer $350

Falafel Mix $125

Tachina $85 

Pita $1.00 per 6 

 Total Investment 

 Average Falafel Sandwich Is Sold from:

$5.95 to $7.95 Range

"Net Cost Per Sandwich is under $1.50"

see ABU PITA – http://www.tamirson.com/product_info.php?products_id=3952 


Want to make your own pita?


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