Espresso Cappuccino Machine Brasilia Excelsior

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Stunning flagship model with "ultra-modern retro design".

The Excelsior traditional espresso machine is designed not only to be beautiful but also to meet the needs of the professional barista (i.e.: the wide circular base acts as a large drip tray and a real working area for the drinks preparation plus a host of other useful features – see below,



Commercial Espresso Machines

Brasilia are renowned innovators in the field of coffee making and have been manufacturing high quality precision built espresso machines in Italy for over 30 years.

Our commercial espresso machine range provides perfect solutions in terms of styling, reliability and functionality for businesses of all sizes / budgets.





  • Fully automatic with controlled volumetric delivery by keypad (plus push button for continuous delivery)
  • Programmable dispense keys
  • Raised group heads allow up to 16oz takeaway cups or tall latte glasses
  • Retractable cup rests to accomodate different sized cups
  • Large capacity boiler for continuous dispensing and high volume steam supply
  • Automatic boiler water level
  • Boiler water level gauge.
  • 2 swivelling steam arms with new "high flow" nozzle design
  • Moveable hot water tap
  • Large capacity electrical cup warmer
  • Each brew group’s water temperature can be controlled by a 3 position flow selector for a perfect espresso from any coffee blend
  • Brew groups can be arranged for combined use with pods (for special blends, decaf and infusions) and ground coffee
  • Brewing groups with pre-infusion device
  • Electronic control system with auto-diagnostics
  • Brewing groups with automatic washing and rinsing cycles
    • OPTION
    • 2 or 3 groups
    • Available in Black, Orange, Cherry Red or Silver Grey 



Boiler Capacity


Power Requirement

Electrical Input



11.4 litre

240 V / 50 Hz / 1

3500 W

16.1 A

64 kg


18 litre.

240 V / 50 Hz / 1

5000 W

22.6 A

84 kg

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Brasilia Excelsior

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Brasilia Exc


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