Epoca Espresso Machine fully automatic 2 group

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MD Coffee Grinder, automatic, 2 lb. bean hopper capacity, 2/3 lb. ground hopper capacity, 63.5 mm dia. burrs, 15.5 – 20 lbs/hour, die cast aluminum & stainless steel construction w/black plastic trim, 110v, 450w

Epoca E 2 groups : sale price $4650

Epoca is a technologically innovative product by Rancilio, complying with the most advanced technical requirements. Essential by design, easy to operate, it has all the outstanding qualities of Rancilio coffee machines combining electronics with traditional hardware for higher performances.

Epoca is a user-friendly and reliable coffee machine brewing a tasty coffee.
Furthermore, it has an exclusive and patented feature, which makes it a world-class product: thanks to the use of high quality and innovative material, the machine body is now rust-proof, scratch-proof and age-resistant.


E 2 group E 1 group  
Epoca E 2 group
Automatic version.
Epoca represents an accurate and safe working machine featuring electronic temperature adjustment and low-voltage operating control. Two group version.
Metallic red and metallic grey color
Stainless steel machine body, base and sides made of HDPE and ABS
Epoca E 2 gr.

Boiler capacity 11 lt
Boiler heating element 2700/4300 W

DP water softener with automatic or manual control
MD dosing grinders
Pod adapter kit
Epoca E 2 groups : sale price $4650

Grinder: MD 50St – $795

Dosing grinders


The MD-Series dosing grinder covers a wide range of machines specifically designed to obtain optimal results using various coffee blends and roasts, the grinding phase being one of the most important steps in preparing a superior quality espresso.
MD dosing grinders are equipped with a powerful electric motor operating at low speed, in order to avoid an excessive heating of the coffee and to fully maintain taste and flavour. Rancilio offers four models of grinders with different capacities to suit the requirements of any coffee machine and of any coffee dose in the automatic (AT) and semi-automatic versions (ST).
Choose your technology

Automatic models

Dosing grinders
Dosing grinders AT
Stainless steel body cover with painted black details.
Gold body cover with painted black details
MD 50 AT

Grinder burrs, diameter 64 mm.
Bean hopper, capacity 1000 gr.
Adjustable dose from 5 to 10 gr. Output 7 – 9 kg/h.

Semiautomatic models

Filter: $275

Total Package (or sold Separately) 


2 group espresso, grinder & filter $5820

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