Electronic Money Counters

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Omega 215 Specifications 


qLarge, clear backlit display
qCounts Canadian / US loose coins / bills.
qCounts Canadian / US packaged bills, manual roll entry
qCounts Non-Cash Media, Checks, Credit card’s etc..    
qMultiple (4) Start bank / float option’s
qBalancing for over / short readings
qEdit Feature to correct errors
qRegister Sub totals & Grand Total
qOn board Alpha numeric keypad
qSkip denominations by pressing a button
qFuture Connectivity for POS & Cash Office
q9 hour rechargeable battery included
q50 register till memory
qCanadian / US currency
qEnglish & French languages supported
qCarry handle for portability
qOptional Printer for audit trail of Lane Sub totals / Grand Total

q$995.00 Plus Shipping & Handling


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Omega 215


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