Charbroiler Radiant Char Broiler Open Burner Royal 48"W X 2

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Compact heavy gauge chassis for long life.

Stainless steel sides and front valve cover.

Double wall panels for better insulation.

All welded fire box supports heavy duty radiant covers.

Steel tubular burners rated at 15,000 BTU/hr. in the heavy duty and combo (RRB) models, at 12,500 BTU/ hr. for the snack (RSRB) models.

Open burners feature two piece lift off tops of heavy cast iron rated at 30,000 BTU / Hr.

All burners are controlled by individual valves and each one has a standing pilot for rapid and safe ignition.

Heavy duty cast iron top grates.

Full width removable crumb pan under the broiler, with a separate pan under the open burner section in the combination models.

Full width heavy stainless steel plate ledge complements the work surface and aids in food handling.


Round rod grate for the broiler section.

10” Stainless Steel wok rings to fit on top grate for open burners.

Interchangeable wok or saute burner heads for open burners.

Stainless steel stand with adjustable legs.

Casters for stand.

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Weight 480 lbs


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